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Request! Disneyland & DCA Halloween Pumpkin Photos


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  • Request! Disneyland & DCA Halloween Pumpkin Photos

    I know there are many, many trip reports featuring pumpkins here and there but I was hoping everyone would contribute their Disneyland/DCA Halloween pumpkin photos in one thread.

    I've got a few of those pumpkins that you can carve and keep forever as well as real pumpkins that I want to carve for Halloween night.

    So I was hoping people would contribute their Halloween pumpkin photos from the theme parks here so I, as well as anyone else passing through, can use the photos to get ideas for their pumpkins.

    I think it's fun to have pumpkins that are like the ones from the parks. Hope everyone has fun with this thread.

    Also pumpkin photos from the past few years would be awesome!

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    Re: Request! Disneyland & DCA Halloween Pumpkin Photos

    I think this is a great thread idea.

    I saw a photo of one pumpkin that I really liked in a trip report several weeks ago and now I can't find it. I have skimmed over 20 pages of threads (that's how I found this one!).

    I think we are going to make stars in our pumpkin.


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      Re: Request! Disneyland & DCA Halloween Pumpkin Photos

      My pumpkins from the Hub:

      Buzz Lightyear of Tomorrowland

      Roger Rabbit of ToonTown

      Tinkerbelle Of Fantasyland

      Winnie The Pooh of Critter Country

      Woody of Frontierland

      Jack Skellington of New Orleans Square

      Tarzan of Adventureland


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