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How busy are the days leading up to Thanksgiving?


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  • How busy are the days leading up to Thanksgiving?

    Just trying to prep the family. I am visiting from the Sunday before Thanksgiving (11/18) until the day after Thanksgiving (11/23) What should I be expecting? I have been to DL mainly in June/July. But have made trips over Spring break and twice around Christmas (always before, never after). Any input regarding the usual crowds, weather, etc is greatly appreciated.


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    Re: How busy are the days leading up to Thanksgiving?

    Disneyland is open until midnight every night you will be visiting. You will probably see Summer-like crowds. Lower level APs are not blocked until the 22nd. The holiday decorations including the fireworks and it's a small world holiday officially start on the 16th and many will be using the following week to see them.

    If you are used to June and July crowds then the Thanksgiving holiday should be familiar to you.


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      Re: How busy are the days leading up to Thanksgiving?

      The "traditional" T-Day vacation is from the prior Saturday to the Sunday after T-Day.

      That is why we enjoy the Resort from the Wednesday before to the Wednesday after.

      From past experience, the first w/e is about what a normal w/e would be. Mon and Tues are pretty much like normal w/e's. Wednesday starts out about the same and then as the day progresses, boom! The crowds really start to hit.

      Thursday, Friday and Saturday are zoo days, and commonly have the entry gates closed for a while.

      Be thankful that you are leaving Friday.

      If you are going to the Park on T-Day or Friday, get there when it opens.

      We have enjoyed Thanksgiving at the Resort for the past five years now, and the weather has been perfect each year. Sunny during the day, and cool evenings.

      We'll keep our fingers crossed for this year...



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