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Disneyland 10/25/2007


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  • Disneyland 10/25/2007

    Disneyland Trip Report 10/25/07

    San Bernardino, CA and I'm a big Disney theme park fan! My dream is to go to every single park around the world! However, being that I'm only 16, the only two parks I go to is DLR and Knott's. I have no pictures of the trip because I do not wish to reveal myself or my family.

    My mother is where I got the whole Disneyland


    NOTE: We did not go to California

    The idea of going to Disneyland happened when my school district closed all of the schools because of poor air qualities. Since we had nothing to do, we went to Disneyland. We also took my cousin with us. We arrived at the resort around 11:45-ish a.m. We parked into the Timon Parking Lot. To my family, if the parking lot is empty, then the parks are empty. So the fact there was very little cars parked in the parking lot and that there were a lot of empty rows on the tram were a very good sign for us.
    DisneylandPark only.
    The park was dead. There were very few crowds and the lines for most attractions were tolerable. I went ahead of my family and checked out the ride board. One thing that attracted me was the line for SpaceMountain: 15 minutes! We then rushed over to Tomorrowland and SpaceMountain. Everyone except my little brother headed into SpaceMountainSpaceMountain. When he was about 5, my parents took him on it (pre-2003 refurbishment); not knowing it was a roller coaster in the dark. He got scared. He DID try the new SpaceMountain
    The line for SpaceMountain
    SpaceMountain for two days in January 2008 will bring the ride back to its former glory.
    After SpaceMountain
    The Autopia
    We took a few pictures of the Submarine Voyage before riding the Matterhorn Bobsleds,Disneyland roller coasters my brother likes. The line was very fast and it ended up only being 15 minutes. We got the Fantasyland side of the ride. It was fun, but very rough. I do hope that Disney gets around to adding retractable seat belts. I feel the seatbelts already on the ride are unsafe.

    It was around 2:30
    We then rode Pirates of the Caribbean

    IslandTomSawyerIsland to me. It still has all of the bridges and tiny caves. The maps were nice and Jack Sparrow was always on-hand to meet and greet with the guests (although they could be more organized with the Jack Sparrow greeting).
    Once we got back to the mainland, we rode on BigThunderMountain

    Pictures will be posted later...

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    Re: Disneyland 10/25/2007

    Sounds like a perfect day since there weren't so many people. Glad to see that you were able to do so much during the day there, now I can't wait for the pictures you'll be posting.


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