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Capt Hook's trip report (Princess,Villians and Goofy's Kitchen.)


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  • Capt Hook's trip report (Princess,Villians and Goofy's Kitchen.)

    Well I'm going to try to do a Trip report for my very first time. I'm not to sure how good this will come out so here we go.

    When I got to Disneyland yesturday about a little after 10am. The first place I when to was to Buzz Lightyear pin shop to get me some misterly pins. So when I got to pins This is who I got in them.

    not incluing the Cinderella pin a friend gave me it. There was a Malefcent one with it but I trade it to my friend for the Cinderella one.

    After I got them I when to see Ariel but she wasn't there so I happen to stop and watch for the first time Mickey's band play at the Castle. I couldn't get no photos cause there was so many people in the way I couldn't get any shots of it. So when the band was done I when right over to PFF. Were I stold in line for about 2 hours. I was hoping that I would get a change to see Jasmine that had remember me the last time. Jasmine was there but she didn't remember me and it didn't look like the same Jasmine that I remember.
    The Pincess that were there in the order are.




    (Mulan ask me to post like that.)

    After I got done with the Princess I took the Disneyland train to main street for I could see if I could fine Skeleton Goofy

    ( He was in a hurry to get back to the back so I couldn't get myself in that picture.)

    So after I got Goofy I when over to DCA to fine some villians. When I got there I saw The Jugde but when I gave my camera to a guy to take the picture he hit the wrong button on my camera so I didn't get and picture. So after what I though that I got the picture I stold around for a little bit to see who else was coming. All of a sudden the Queen of Hearts comes out and step on my left foot and she didn't even turn around to look at me. So then I had to stop at the restroom by there when I came out there was this big no huge shadow that was covering the restroom doors. I was wondering what happen to the some what of a sun we had. I had to look up and I saw some blue hair waving around. Then when the blue hair turn around I found out it was Hates.

    (This was taken as I was walking out of the restroom.)

    (I took another one cause I didn't think the first one took.)

    So I when and fallow him to the Golden Sceam and I got this pic with him.

    After I got Hates I was fixing my camera and then I hear someone call my name I look up and it was are friend Rockr. A.K.A. Alex. We talk for a few minutes then he leave and it was time for lunch so I when to the Pizza place that was close to the golden sceam. After I got finish I when back to the villains and there was Crulla De Vil, The Queen and Jafar.

    After I got Jafar I when back to the front of DCA and I was watching the Cndy corn show I got some pictures from there.



    After I try getting Goofy 3 times I when over to Monster Inc ride. Before I had to meet up with some friends for we can go to Goofy's Kitchen. Which will be on my next post.


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    Re: Capt Hook's trip report (Princess,Villians and Goofy's Kitchen.)

    You know what Capt Hook's, you should do the CHOC walk next year and meet Parade Alice!


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      Re: Capt Hook's trip report (Princess,Villians and Goofy's Kitchen.)

      Excellent character pictures as always, Capt. Hook!


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        Re: Capt Hook's trip report (Princess,Villians and Goofy's Kitchen.)

        what is CHOC?


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          Re: Capt Hook's trip report (Princess,Villians and Goofy's Kitchen.)

          Children's Hospital of Orange County. They have a walk every year at DL. This year, they had the PoD Alice in Wonderland float out there with your favorite Alice there.


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            Re: Capt Hook's trip report (Princess,Villians and Goofy's Kitchen.)

            I didn't get to see the Parade this time so not sure if she was there or not.


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              Re: Capt Hook's trip report (Princess,Villians and Goofy's Kitchen.)

              Hey, I saw you in Off The Page yesterday! (I think it was you anyways)
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                Re: Capt Hook's trip report (Princess,Villians and Goofy's Kitchen.)

                yeah I was there I got a drawing of Princess Aurora there


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                  Re: Capt Hook's trip report (Princess,Villians and Goofy's Kitchen.)

                  Awesome report!!! I don't think I've ever seen Hades!! I didn't even know they had that character! Great pictures!

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                    Re: Capt Hook's trip report (Princess,Villians and Goofy's Kitchen.)

                    I will try and scan that drawing I got on to my computer to show u all.


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                      Re: Capt Hook's trip report (Princess,Villians and Goofy's Kitchen.)

                      Hades and Cinderellas step-mother and step sisters were the two Villians that I wanted to meet out at Golden Screams, and I missed out. Lucky you for getting such great photos with the characters!!


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                        Re: Capt Hook's trip report (Princess,Villians and Goofy's Kitchen.)

                        Thanks for the report so far, Capt! I love the hades photo... that costume looks different from how he looked when I was a kid..scarier... Can't wait for the rest of the report!
                        <3 Chloe


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                          Re: Capt Hook's trip report (Princess,Villians and Goofy's Kitchen.)

                          When Hades came into Golden Screams he scared the you know what out of Stitch TT6 and I! I said a non Disney word and grabbed onto her )
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                            Re: Capt Hook's trip report (Princess,Villians and Goofy's Kitchen.)

                            We met Hades and Shan Yu at Golden Screams, kids were uber excited.
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                              Re: Capt Hook's trip report (Princess,Villians and Goofy's Kitchen.)

                              Part 2

                              When we last left I had just gotten my picture with Goofy. So after that I when to Off the pages to look around and I ask a cast member of how the drawing pictures work. She told me how it is down. If u want just 1 character for the artest to draw it is 35 dollars and for 2 it's 60. She show me the photo book of all the photos they had. So I was looking for Princess Aurora and I found the one I like. So what I did was I told the cast memeber and she took my name and info down and she told me it be ready about 5 oclock. This was around 3 when I did this. So after I pay and stuff I when on to Monsters Inc. As I was about to go on the ride one of my friend's call me and told me that she and the others be at World of Disney shop about 5. So after I got off the ride I when back to Off the pages and told the lady the story. She took me to the artics and he said he would have it done by 4:30. So 4:30 came and I got my drawing.

                              Princess Aurora Drawing

                              So now after I got it I when to meet my friend to go to Goofy's Kitchen. which was at 6 oclock. So we wait for the rest of our party to come which was a party of 12. So they came and we started to walk to Goofy's Kitchen around 5:45. we got there about 2 minutes pass 6 and we had to wait for a few minture. As we wait I happen to see Chife Pluto so I when to get his picture.

                              Chife Pluto

                              Just as soon as I got my picture with him it was time to go in. We were walking to are table and as we were walking me and one of my friends saw Jasmine and Alice. As soon as are host set us down Alice came to are table and starting to sign our table and well Rockr u will like this picture.


                              So after she left I started to get my food. On the first row I had Minnie Mouse shimp, Spitetti [ms] and rice. I was eatting then...


                              came by and she gave me a big hug.

                              After Minnie left I when to get my sceond row of food. This time it was Mash potatoe, Pizza and some machioon salade. Then as I sat down Max came to my table put his name on the table.


                              Goofy came over the wall to get to me and he was full of it.


                              When Goofy got done with are group he got a bucket of dishes and was hitting back to kitchen when Max bump right into him and they not down all the dishes then the next thing I here was the Trash the camp song from Tarzan playing Goofy,Max and alot of kids was making alot of nose. Geppetto came over to see what all the noise was going on. He didn't like the song he was covering his ears saying it was to loud. Which it was. So after Goofy and Max stop playing Geppetto took off to the back. I though I had miss my change to meet him. So I when to get dessert which was apple coperer and Chip's chocolate cheese cake. as soon as I got down with it. Alice came back to see some of our friends that she miss the first time. My friend when to one of the workers and I guess she was talking to them about how Geppetto and Jasmine didn't show up. But after I would say 10 mintues Geppetto came.


                              As he came my friend did something to me she had the waitees come to give me a birthday cake. Which really isn't my birthday. She said it's your early birthday cake. Geppetto sat in the next set and got a fort and a kinft and start bamging them on the table. (My birthday is not until Jan. by the way.) Geppetto was pointing at my cake trying to tell me to blow out the candle as I did I said my which came turn. I wanted to see Geppetto and Belle and her blue dress. But Belle wasn't there Geppetto stop and look at me and put his head down. I told him that he was the first which he got all happy. After he left Jasmine came by and said that. I'm sorry of not coming to your table sooner.


                              I said it was alright. She must of over hear what was going on cause she to wish me a happy birthday. As she was signing the table I ask her if I can get a hug she said yes that be great. And she gave me it.

                              Here is the autographs from all of them.

                              (The one that said ICE is one of my friends he was beening funny about it all. and I have never meet him until today from VMK.)

                              THE END


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                                Re: Capt Hook's trip report (Princess,Villians and Goofy's Kitchen.)

                                Nice finish! Glad you had fun!!
                                <3 Chloe


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                                  Re: Capt Hook's trip report (Princess,Villians and Goofy's Kitchen.)

                                  Pins and Princesses ... those are my two favorite things. Thanks for the great pictures.


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                                    Re: Capt Hook's trip report (Princess,Villians and Goofy's Kitchen.)

                                    You finally got a photo with Alice, great job! Now you can add her to your character count.

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                                      Re: Capt Hook's trip report (Princess,Villians and Goofy's Kitchen.)

                                      I have Alex. I need to show u all my list of how many i have of each character.


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                                        Re: Capt Hook's trip report (Princess,Villians and Goofy's Kitchen.)

                                        Here is my list of how many photos I got from the characters.

                                        25 PHOTOS

                                        1. SNOW WHITE

                                        21 PHOTOS

                                        1. ARIEL

                                        20 PHOTOS

                                        1. BELLE
                                        2. CINDERELLA

                                        16 PHOTOS

                                        1. PRINCESS AURORA

                                        13 PHOTOS

                                        1. JASMINE

                                        12 PHOTOS
                                        1. GOOFY

                                        11 PHOTOS

                                        1. MINNIE MOUSE

                                        10 PHOTOS

                                        1. MICKEY MOUSE

                                        9 PHOTOS

                                        2. MULAN

                                        7 PHOTOS

                                        1. FAIRY GODMOTHER

                                        6 PHOTOS

                                        1. BERT
                                        2. CAPT. HOOK
                                        3. DALE
                                        4. DONALD DUCK
                                        5. MARY POPPINS
                                        6. PLUTO

                                        5 PHOTOS

                                        1. MAD HATTER
                                        2. PETER PAN
                                        3. The QUEEN

                                        4 PHOTOS

                                        1. ALADDIN
                                        2. CRUELLA DE VIL
                                        3. GENIE
                                        4. TIGGER
                                        5. WENDY

                                        3 PHOTOS

                                        1. ANASTASIE
                                        2. BEAST
                                        3. BUZZ LIGHTYEAR
                                        4. CHIP
                                        5. DRIZELLA
                                        6. HATES
                                        7. JAFAR
                                        8. JANE PORTER
                                        9. LADY TREMAINE
                                        10. MAX
                                        11. MUSHI
                                        12. PRINCE CHARMING
                                        13. TWEEDLE DUM

                                        2 PHOTOS

                                        1. BALOO
                                        2. BRER FOX
                                        3. EMILE
                                        4. GEPPETTO
                                        5. GIDEON
                                        6. HERCULES
                                        7. JACK SPARROW
                                        8. MERLIN
                                        9. KENAI
                                        10. KODA
                                        11. PERLA
                                        12. PINOCCHIO
                                        13. POCAHONTAS
                                        14. PRINCE PHILLIP
                                        15. RAFIKI
                                        16. RATCLIFFE
                                        17. SULLY
                                        18. SUZY
                                        19. TWEEDLE DEE
                                        20. WHITE RABBIT
                                        21. WICKED WITCH

                                        1 PHOTO

                                        1. ABBY
                                        2. ALICE
                                        3. ATTA
                                        4. BIG BAD WOLF
                                        5. BRER BEAR
                                        6. BOWLER HAT GUY
                                        7. CHICKEN LITTLE
                                        8. CLARABELLE COW
                                        9. CLARA CLUCK
                                        10. CLOPIN
                                        11. EEYOR
                                        12. ESMERALDA
                                        13. FLIK
                                        14. HERBIE
                                        15. HONEST JOHN
                                        16. JUDGE FROLLO
                                        17. KING LOUIE
                                        18. LEWIS
                                        19. MEEKO
                                        20. MISS PIGGY
                                        21. Mr. PIP "The Penguin"
                                        22. PIGLET
                                        23. PINCH PENGUIN
                                        24. PRINCE JOHN
                                        25. RABBIT
                                        26. REMY
                                        27. SCHMITTY
                                        28. SHANYU
                                        29. SHAGGY "The Penguin"
                                        30. SHRIFFIE
                                        31. TERK
                                        32. TIMON
                                        33. WILBUR
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