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10/28: A belated trip report!


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  • 10/28: A belated trip report!

    Having recently obtained my drivers' license and a digital camera, I figured a good ol' Sunday trip to Disneyland was in order, with a report to follow! I couldn't make the noon meet (wish I had!!!) but I did manage to meet up with some fine MC'ers later in the afternoon. Note: My first trip report WITHOUT BellhopP! Amazing.

    I managed to catch the Parade of Dreams on my way in... I still have yet to see it while standing still, I always watch it while weaving through foot traffic!

    Poor guy... it's tough to rock on when you only have 4 fingers!

    I like this picture, looks almost like I ripped it off an ad...

    Detail in Adventureland

    To be continued!

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    Re: 10/28: A belated trip report!

    Fantastic, keep them coming!!!


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      Re: 10/28: A belated trip report!

      I finally arrived at the Haunted Mansion and picked up a FP for later, then meandered for a little while as I waited for the other Micechatters to meet up with me.

      Is this guy famous? He looks really familiar...

      Hello, Lamppost. What'cha knowin'?

      There they are!!! TheRockr and Aashee

      And TikiRoomLiz

      And BassBone

      And the birthday boy, DisneyIPresume! Feliz Cumpleanos!

      The man himself, PezzLightyear

      Then it was off to BTMRR!

      Sigh... I'll never forget you!

      Something in the queue I hadn't really noticed before

      Lines are fun!

      One of the Aashlets

      More soon!


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        Re: 10/28: A belated trip report!

        Soon, we made a stop at Big Thunder Ranch. I had never been during Halloweentime -- heck, I don't even remember the last time I was in REGULAR Big Thunder Ranch! So I did a little wandering and admired the carvings.

        A play on words?! Disneyland never uses those!


        Shere Khan

        My absolute FAVORITE picture of the day...

        A very nice CM enhancing the atmosphere with her enthusiasm

        Then we went to Mr. Toad's!

        Not sure what TheRockr is looking at

        I like the chandeliers

        Stay tuned for the next installment!


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          Re: 10/28: A belated trip report!

          Very nice photos.


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            Re: 10/28: A belated trip report!

            Since TheRockr had no memory of Storybook Land, we definitely had to go on it!

            Toying with camera effects... I do that a lot.

            Gasp, it was Alyssa the CM's birthday too!

            I think Rockr has this exact picture from a different angle... Pezz = unenthused :O

            Into the belly of the beast! This picture is reminiscent of Aashee's avatar thing, no?


            He's smiling at me =D

            Tiny Alpines under a bigger tiny Alpine

            On to another of Rockr's forgotten rides... The Casey Jr. Circus Train!

            ButterflyLark and BassBone waiting in line

            Aashee and the elder Aashlet

            Apparently Aashlet the Younger is familiar with the ancient art of Tai Mai Shu.

            ButterflyLark, TRing

            BassBone y DisneyIPresume

            You won't like him when he's angry...

            To be continued even further... once my next set finishes loading onto Photobucket!


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              Re: 10/28: A belated trip report!



              Time for lemonade and cracker jack... BassBone and ButterflyLark in a cage

              BassBone's princess wave

              Pretty sky... it's too bad about what causes that lovely sunset, though

              Rockr enjoying his first Circus train ride to memory

              Then we went to the IASW toy store...

              ... to visit Laura, BassBone's woman!

              My FP for HMH was now valid, so off we went! I got a few shots inside, albeit not very good ones.

              Fairly well-timed -- and rather over-exposed.

              The mansion, mid-metamorphosis!

              We were hungry bears, so we went to eat at the appropriate restaurant... I snapped one of Splash on the way


              On to Tomorrowland! We took the train.

              Way to control a hyperactive child #1, demonstrated by Aashee

              Then TheRockr went home Pezz had a couple extra Space Mountain FPs so we went

              Now it's time to say goodbye to (most of) all our company... goodnight to Aashee, the Aashlets, and DisneyIPresume!

              Only BassBone, ButterflyLark, Pezz, and I were left... so we went on BLAB.

              I bombarded a friendly CM

              Took a nice picture of Buzz himself

              ... and a thing on the wall

              ButterflyLark and I battled to the death, and for the first time ever I got Level 4! Huzzah!

              I no longer remember who was left when we went on Star Tours...


              At some point it was down to just me and BassBone... we went on Indy but I lack photo documentation.

              The castle, on my way out...

              I was careful to remember where I parked, too!

              THE END! Thanks for reading my TR!


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                Re: 10/28: A belated trip report!

                Gah! I forgot my first picture of the day!

                Okay... I'm satisfied.


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                  Re: 10/28: A belated trip report!

                  Nice pictures! It looks like a fun day was had by all!
                  Will trade husband for Disneyland and DCA Pins!


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                    Re: 10/28: A belated trip report!

                    Great photos and it looks like you had a really great day! How did you do that one picture in the Pumpkin Farm where it's all in black and white except for the orange stuff. That is really neat.
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                    Thank You Poisonedapples


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                      Re: 10/28: A belated trip report!

                      woo hoo! It was great meeting you. Nice pictures. I do love the color select option, it has such a great effect.
                      Most often found at a theme park


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                        Re: 10/28: A belated trip report!

                        Awesome! Thanks so much for the trip report! You have great shots as well as witty commentary. I don't think I have as many wedding photos of myself.

                        Thanks for being so fun and tolerating younger ashlet. I'd be more than happy to hang out at Dland with you anytime. I'm glad we met up with you later in the day. You certainly added a lot of fun to our little group.



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                          Re: 10/28: A belated trip report!

                          Great pics! I love this Mickey and Minnie Parade pic.
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                            Re: 10/28: A belated trip report!

                            Quite a fantastic trip report! Wonderful camera work, wonderful people - a great combination.

                            I can't believe butterflylark was back in the parks on Sunday, the day after our WDW trip ended. I am only just now recovering!


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                              Re: 10/28: A belated trip report!

                              Beautiful pictures! You really have an eye for photography. I think your favorite picture is mine as well.

                              Is it me, or does Cinderella look manly? She has nicer guns than my husband!

                              Thanks for sharing!


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