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Week Long Trip Report


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  • Week Long Trip Report

    First off sadly today was the day that i left for home and therefore couldn't go today to the celebration. But did go for four days consectively before so i was a little content. I also heard that at 8 oclock this morning there were around 80,000 people in line so............

    Anyway stayed at the Embassy Suites on Glassell and Frontier (or something like that) with a free shuttle to the park.........catch was that you had to make reservations and not only on the way to, but also on the way back from the park. Therefore had to range my departure from the park wich was usually 11:30pm. Very nice hotel room and the lobby was amazing with a huge pond running through the middle with gicantic koi fish, and turtles. Also the wonderful free breakfast with made to order omlettes, and french toast, and made to order eggs. *Recomandation for all Embassy Suites when staying in a resort*

    Ok so on to the parks first day got there at 8 when it opens, (shuttle didn't leave earlier so...) and my mother 3 days before sprained her ankle falling down steps and couldn't walk so we first got her a wheel-chair which is (no offense to anyway), a fastpass on wheels pretty much. (Remember no offense just a statment). So then headed to City Hall to see if we needed a pass along with the wheel chair to board the rides...............and of course through out the 20 minute wait we didn't! So of course after all this headed over to SPACE!!!!!!!!!! and got on the ride in 5 minutes due to the wheel chair. AMAZING, just a classic ride (rode two more times later that wheel chair though so waited for 45 minutes). Then we saw the Snow White Show and was pretty impressed and have to say an overall good show. Loved the 7 dwarfs walking down the aisles at beginning. Then did a good majority of the rest of the park, oh and tried my first DOLE Whip and glad i was worth the 30 minute wait in line!!! Rest of the day however was a relaxing visit since 2 years.

    Next day me and my bro used our early entrys and ran down towards to find it was shut we did Buzz came back was shut down.........ran to the matterhorn came was still shut down.............ran to adventureland did Indy and then ran back...............obviously shut down............therefore we went off and did BTMRR, HM, and Pirates before heading over to DCA to meet with folks for our DCA day part of the trip...............and never got to do SPACE! However my mother felt used the day before and we forgoed the wheel chair and headed over to ToT. I love this version they make up for the no horizontal room with a show as you ride! Then did the rest of the Backlot and will admit one of the most funny lands and will be with the intorduction of Monsters. Has the most attractions and we spent a good amount of time there. Then we explored the rest of DCA and enjoyed the open walkways. Of course my mother took Dramamine and we went back to the room because she was sleepy. Got dinner and me and bro went back to park to do DL........and of course ran over to Space and it was closed!

    So next day we didn't go to the park until 6 at night mom and dad hanged out for a while and then did the shopping thing. Me and bro headed over to SPACE and found that it WASN'T CLOSED!!!!!!!!! However it was a 160 minute wait! So we decided to do the park and when Fantasmic or Fireworks started we would do SPACE. However around that time the wait time jumped to 190 minutes our theroies SUCK! So we did all we could and never did SPACE due to wait time interviering with shuttle time.

    Ok so we did the spiel all again the next day (in case you are wondering four days in a row, we originally purchased two 3 day park hopper, and two 2 day park hopper, however while chatting with a person at the hotel swimming pool they mentioned they have two 3 day parkhoppers with an extra day on them they weren't using, and asked us if we would like them................YEA!!!!!!!!!) So mom gave me and bro the extra days and her and dad did Downtown Disney shopping and dinning. We did all rides that we could in our time frame from 8-11:30 and SPACE was not one of them. But jungle cruise was and it was a while since i went on jungle cruise did that and laughed when our skipper shot the hippos out of the tree! Then got in line for Indy to only wait 30 minutes and then have the ride break down for the night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MY LUCK on the last day......did souvenier shopping....and caught the tram.

    only read if not mother or sexxist activist or something
    Oh and yea and california thanks for the amazingly hott girlsto see and eye flirt with in line!!!!

    So that was my two year reuin at Disneyland and can't wait until we meet again!
    help save Uncle Walts legacy!!

    "God created man becuase he was dissapointed in the monkey"-Mark Twain

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