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Dinner cost at Club 33??


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  • Dinner cost at Club 33??

    Just found out that a friend of ours from church has a membership at Club 33 and he offered to get us in (we are AP holders) next time we go. All we have to do is let him know when and he'll arrange it.

    Anybody know what dinner for two non-drinkers might run???

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    Re: Dinner cost at Club 33??

    If memory serves's the same as the cost of admission. So, I think you are looking at $56 per person plus any drinks (iced tea, coke etc) . But you will get a 1-day hopper ticket!!! Go for it. It's definitely something you won't want to miss
    Katie :yea:
    Founding member of the BA I LOVE us!!!
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      Re: Dinner cost at Club 33??

      DisneyKat is correct. The "food minimum per person" is coincidentally the same as park admission. (I was there this past April for dinner and it was $53).

      Each person in your party gets a 1 day park hopper ticket (even though you're an AP, you should go pick up the ticket - it's printed with "club 33" on the back - makes a nice collectible).

      Bring money for merchandise! They have a glass case full of mugs, pins, shirts, etc. They aren't cheap (I got a fleece pull-over for $75), so bring that credit card!

      Enjoy every moment!


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        Re: Dinner cost at Club 33??

        I have no idea what it costs...I just know that every chance I've ever had to go into Club 33 has always fallen apart (my mother works for SBC and most of the retirement parties for middle managers end up being at Club 33).
        Many Bothans died to bring MiceChat this information.

        :ap: I'm a Disney fan in Dollywood land! :ap:


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          Re: Dinner cost at Club 33??

          Plus drinks AND tip.
          Joey AKA "dlfreak"

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          If I become a bum people are going to say "Don't give him money, he's just gonna use it on Disneyland."
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            Re: Dinner cost at Club 33??

            I'd love the opportunity to go there! Have fun!


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              Re: Dinner cost at Club 33??

              I've eaten there on several occasions...usually I run up about an $80 tab for myself. That includes the following (and I usually repeat this faithfully):

              1x"Tropical Punch" drink (oh-so-alcoholic)
              1xCream-based Soup (whatever they're serving) mmmmmmmmmmmmm
              1xFillet of Chareaubriand with extra "Briand" sauce
              1x"Belgian Chocolate Fruit Fondue" (includes big marshmallows too!)

              Bon Appetit!
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                Re: Dinner cost at Club 33??

                Uh, can I go too?

                This has been a Filmways presentation dahling.


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                  Re: Dinner cost at Club 33??

                  There is a dinner menu for Club 33 at that should give you a general idea


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