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BCC's Trip Report! (11/5/07)


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  • BCC's Trip Report! (11/5/07)

    Hello! (Bonjour!) This is BCC! I have a little trip report for everyone here!!!

    So, we started off in DCA to go DREAM FASTPASS hunting. It opened at 10 AM and we went right to it. We roamed around DCA and me and EJC went to A Bug's Land to search for the dream squad...because I see that they like to pop up in unpopular dream squad was quite empty, but look what I found!

    Ooh! Huge Christmas Bulbs!

    We then headed out to screamin, I thought that it would open at 10 AM, not 1 PM because the Disneyland calendar didn't have that notice up...but anyways, we hunted dream sqaud in Paradise Pier....nada...zilch...

    Wreaths popping up on Paradise Pier...

    So we headed toward Disneyland...then, in front of Greetings! DREAM SQUAD SPOTTED! We then stalked both of them and followed them to Monsters Inc...they went backstage and dissapeared... my watch read 10:30..I thought that they would go to Monster's Inc exit...but we went on Monsters once to pass the time. I predicted they would appear around 10:40 and start giving out at 10:45...and I was right!!!!

    BAM!!! GOLD!!!! (or...plastic)

    I was so happy! EJC was like "Wow....good job!"

    Did you know that Roz is interactive? She asked if me and EJC were twins...I said "Yup.." Then asked if we were brothers..I said "Yup!"

    So we entered Disneyland and saw something interesting going on in one of the gas lamps...

    Fork flame! I thought it was interesting...

    Snow is progressing quite nicely....they still have to cover the highest steeple...

    So we went to BLAB and the highest score was only 700,000...we got 2.5 million and 2.3 on our first kidding.

    So after lunch, we decided to go on know why???

    Cause I saw this...

    Whoa!!! EMPTY!!!!! It was a half an hour wait.... I had the most interesting wait too....

    A lady was begging me and EJC to give up our dream was funny...but she didn't get em.... (That is a long story short)

    It's the blue sea!!!! More like turquoise....oh well...

    So, the morning line ups were bad.....10 mins for BLAB...20 mins for Space....but lines at 3 PM....


    So, me and EJC walked out of DL happy! 3 times on California Screamin and barely any lineups! Another great day at DL!!! I love going to DL on a school day! Thank goodness the school's power went out! (hehe!)

    I'll have a christmas video trip report coming soon! Check out my trailer!
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    Re: BCC's Trip Report! (11/5/07)

    Nice Trip Report!! I am so jealous!!!


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