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Latest Refurb Pics (02/08/05)


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  • Latest Refurb Pics (02/08/05)

    Hey everyone!

    Today I went to the park to give you the latest refurb pics.

    Lets get going!:

    The Main Street Train Station refurbishment continues

    Synchronized painting ?

    For those who haven't heard the news, Mr Lincoln will return after the 50th anniversary celebration:

    The Emporium on Main Street is also being repainted:

    The Plaza Inn is still missing it's sign:


    The facade of Buzz Lightyear is getting a new paint job to match the new Tomorrowland color scheme.

    The new color scheme for Tomorrowland has not been announced yet but it's rumored there will be alot more white & alot less gold.

    You may have seen many pictures on the internet like this one of the Disneyland Railroad refurb.:

    Today I have something better to show you; contruction workers laying out the new train tracks!:

    The Mad Tea Party reopens on Friday. The teacups should be restored to their original 'spinning' condition.

    The sewer work & walkway repaving continues south of the Matterhorn.

    The Mad Hatter gift shop is being refurbished as well.

    Here's another look at the six cables to be used for Tinkerbell's flight in the upcoming fireworks show "Remember".

    " Buy my 2 disc platinum edition DVD October 4th ! "

    Today the tiki room juice bar was getting some fresh thatching.

    What remained of the broken bridge by the old mine train tribute was removed.

    Over in DCA, Grizzy River Run is closed now through Thursday for a brief refurbishment.

    Okay that should do it for now!

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    Just out of curiosity, who lays the track for Disneyland? Or does the park have there own team of Gandy Dancers (track layers)? I'm just curious cause I'm involved with some of the heritage steam railway groups here in British Columbia.


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      Nice shots, Isaac! Love it, love it.


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        My oh my, the work just goes on and on. I love it. This place is going to be so fantastic for the 50th and for many years after. The term "Under New Management" in this case is a good thing. I can hardly wait.
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          these are great shots!!! Thanx for the update!!!!!
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            Awesome shots .. "Teacups going so fast you can accually get dizzy!" lol The tiki bar is getting thatched .. very awesome! I saw GRR Sunday .. cool to see no water in it. cool to see the Plaza Inn is getting a new sign< Thanks Diz!>. That painter looks mad you took his picture .. funny! I got a picture of some painters on the castle spinning around like balarinas when the park opened.. Looks like construction workers not Gandy Dancers. I would think they would have Gandy Dancers though.. Great Update! Thanks!
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              Originally posted by Fantasmic_Freak
              cool to see the Plaza Inn is going back to a restaurant
              I think you're confusing the Plaza Inn with the Plaza Pavillion.

              That's still closed.

              Glad you like the pics though!


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                Fantastic pictures! Thanks for the great update!


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                  As always wonderful pictures Isaac!!! Thanks for the update.

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                    Anyone have an idea on when the resort will offically acknowledge the new tomorrowland paint scheme, or are they just going to quietly unveil it in order to avoid admitting the current paint scheme sucks?


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                      Quietly is my guess.


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                        Thanks for the great pictures Evil Minion!!!!


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                            It's great to see this kind of work finally being done around the park. Some of these things should have been done years ago.
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                              Originally posted by Evil Minion
                              Quietly is my guess.

                              I agree. Although the God-Awful 1997 Color Scheme was not the work of this regime, I don't think they want it advertised just how bad it was.

                              Thanks for the pics, too bad I won't see the park anytime soon.


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                                Yeah, thanks for the pictures! I have notice that the California Resort does not have a water based thrill ride open at the moment... To paraphrase Capten Jack, "Are there any complaints about this, I wonder...."
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                                  Thanks for the photo update, at least I have this to keep my "fix" going.
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                                    Great pictures!

                                    Question - is the new thatching at Tiki real or artificial. I have seen some pictures that look like it is artificial (maybe it will last longer) but I think it looks great.
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                                      great work, issac.

                                      very cool to know they plan to return Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln!!!

                                      work permitting, i hope to see you soon.

                                      please tell steve i said hello.

                                      rock on!


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                                        Hey, I think I need some thatch repair in MY tiki room...
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