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SUGG: Addition to Soarin' Over California's Legends of Aviation


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  • SUGG: Addition to Soarin' Over California's Legends of Aviation

    In the entrance queue of Soarin' Over California, there is the "California Aviators Legends of Flight." This is an almost museum-like display of photos and placards of famous planes and aviators who were part of California's aviation history.

    One of the planes is Burt Rutan's Voyager, which flew around the world non-stop. Burt Rutan also has his own photo and placard.

    However, California's aviation history is far from over. Last year, the Burt Rutan-designed Spaceship One became the first civilian spacecraft and won the $10 Million X-Prize. It was carried to launch altitude by another Rutan-designed plane, the White Knight. The plane and spacecraft were designed, built and launched in California.

    I suggest that these two aircraft be added to the Legends of Flight in the queue for Soarin' Over California. Burt Rutan should be invited for a public unveiling of the addition (which I think would be a minor marketing coup for DCA).


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    Current DL Entertainment Technical Services

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      I thought I read somewhere that both aircraft, Spaceship One and White Knight, are going to the Smithsonian, unless Richard Branson doesn't have 'em at his house already.


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        I figure if you're planes are going to the Smithsonian, that should pretty much qualify you for "Legends of Flight."

        This would be a really inexpensive upgrade for Soarin' and the park might get some decent press out of it.

        Does anyone know who at DCA one might make this suggestion to?


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          A very good idea!

          What could be more "hip and edgy" than "current events"?

          Originally posted by Importance
          Does anyone know who at DCA one might make this suggestion to?
          CM Matt. City hall at DL. Hopefully, somebody representing the company is lurking here and will buck it up high enough to get it done .....
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            I remember thinking the same thing when they won the X-prize. It would be great to have that chapter added to the CA aviation history section in the Soarin' queue.

            And as a next step, they can clone Mission:Space at DCA! C'mon, "it's hip, it's with it" (insert Dr Evil's Macarena here)...
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