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Newbie with 3 days at the parks.


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    I agree with most that the other have said with some additions. First, your kids are definitely old enough to allow your whole family to enter the rides as single riders but stay as a group until ride time. This allows you to converse while waiting, ride the ride(sometimes in the same car but never together)and then usually exit within a reasonable amount of time to not have to wait too long after riding to enjoy discussing the excitement afterwards. Look on the official map for the attractions that have single rider.
    Get the park hopper for sure, we often travel back and forth a number of times each day. The only time entry lines to the parks are long is first thing in the morning and after rush hour in the evening. Also be aware that you can get a fastpass the first minute that another you are holding becomes valid. This allows you to have shorter waits between riding two fastpass attractions. DCA and disneyland pass systems are not linked, so it is actually possible to be holding four fastpasses per person if you time things right. Sometimes we will give all the tickets to one member of our party and get fastpasses in both parks while our party stays in one park. It might seem like a lot of running around but doesn't take much time, plus you are going to walk a ton anyways so what is the difference.
    I think way too much value is placed on early admission or rope drop, although it can be exciting especially on your first day. I truly think the golden hours at disneyland are the last two or so that it is open each night. The park is unmatched in at night and most will leave before closing so you can often walk on certain rides especially in the last few minutes the park is open. If there is something you didn't get to and must ride, head there for your last attraction and you will get on. The park will not close lines before official closing time so getting in line means you will ride that ride even if it is after hours. Also don't believe the wait times at the end of the day, they often are not correct and the line will move much quicker than expected.

    I am jealous of your stay at the Grand californian, be sure to make time to use the beautiful pool/hot tub area, especially at night.
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      I echo others suggestions of getting park hoppers. DLR isn't spread out like WDW. You could throw a rock from the entrance to one park and hit the entrance to the other. Rope drop is when you will DEFINITELY get the least crowds. The first 2-3 hours after park opening (on early opening days like 8am) will be prime riding time. You will likely be able to knock out several attractions in that time frame. Splash Mountain is a great close out ride at night because many people don't want to get wet at 11:30pm. However, you may benefit since your family will be a short walk from your hotel so at most you'll be in wet clothes for like half an hour.

      Also, if you are regulars at WDW, certain things can definitely be passed up if you have to pick and choose. Rides like Dumbo, Midway Mania and Soarin are basically identical to their WDW counterparts and can be skipped if necessary.


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        Thank you all so much!


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