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Camping Out Along Main Street Will Be Prohibited (?)

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  • [Rumor] Camping Out Along Main Street Will Be Prohibited (?)

    Update: This is not a rumor. No camping or waiting allowed until the poles and ropes start going up. No more laying down a huge blanket and having one person guard it. If the entire group is not there, the blanket will be folded up to accommodate just the one person. THIS POLICY BEGINS 2/27.
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    This would be a very welcome change to the parks. It would absolutely require security as I imagine at first there will be some rather contentious exchanges between CMs and guests.

    I think all they would have to do is simply say no blankets till 1 hour, or thirty minutes before the show.

    A complete ban on blankets camping would also be nice, but I see some justifiable reasons to use them, but only right before a shows, but who knows,

    It will take time to change this embedded bad behavior, but it would be worth it to improve the overall experience in the parks for all visitors.

    I remember the days that you could walk up and find a place to watch the parade or view Fantasmic! with only minutes to spare and that was less than 10 years ago.

    The camping issue is out of control.
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      No doubt security will be needed, as some people seem to be highly passionate defenders of the "right" to camp out at Disneyland.

      I've read some extremely heated discussions about this subject. Those who advocate the practice are unable to see, or unwilling to acknowledge how it might negatively impact the enjoyment of others or detract from the ambience of the park.

      Using a blanket to increase comfort and keep clothes clean while watching the parade is reasonable and understandable. Using them to claim and control a piece of Disney's Main Street for a family's exclusive use for the remainder of the day is not.

      Camping out is a challenge to Disney's authority over their own property and their right to provide free and open access to it for all of their guests at their discretion. Disney designed their walkways to optimize traffic flow and guest safety and comfort. They have a right and a responsibility to determine how those walkways should be used, and to insist that they should not be obstructed by blankets or other guest property without Disney's permission. As camping behaviour becomes increasingly extreme, Disney really had to step in eventually to put a stop to it for the good of everyone.
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        ^^ What Golden Zephyr and whiteness said. And there had better be security there, and plenty of 'em, backing up the CMs. Some of the customers who are accustomed to treating Disneyland like the public beach aren't going to give up their sense of entitlement easily.
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          If this is so, I'd say they should start with simply removing empty blankets. After a week or two of that, then move to one person/one blanket (i.e. no saving for others or maybe just one other). After a week or two of that, then it'll have to be 'move along, move along, no stopping please'. But you're just going to end up with people 'staging' themselves in stores, near the entrances to the Lands, at the Train Station waiting for that '30 minutes before the parade' to rush to a spot on the curb.

          There's no way to 'rope off' sections of MS (other than the current VIP sections) as they do for F! and WoC without creating a huge 'squeezed' walkway..
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            They might have to start treating blankets like selfie-sticks if people are unwilling to moderate their behavior. Which would be very sad, because there are legitimate uses for blankets that don't detract from other guest's enjoyment or safety.

            But one could say the same about selfie-sticks...
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              Originally posted by Natalie Price View Post
              You may have noticed that the (annoying) habit of throwing down blankets along the parade route, specifically Main Street, 4-5 hours before the Electrical Parade is now becoming commonplace, much like it was during pre-fastpass Fantasmic. So I've been hearing that the Cast Members who work GSO (Guest Control Operations) have been instructed to enforce a "no camping" policy.
              The question would they enforce this? The camping starts before the GSO Cast Members even show up for their shift. Will Security have to walk up and down the parade route? Will all CMs be required to enforce this, much the same way all CMs enforce the selfie stick ban? Guess we'll have to see.



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                Originally posted by amyuilani View Post
                A "rumor", right?
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                  Looks like she stated where she heard it.

                  I've heard it too but as mr wiggins said it's going to be tough for cast members to do, even security, with guests who sit for hours and are used to leaving their stuff out.


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                    I don't see that she posted the source of the rumor. There are a few reputable sites that, when info gets posted, are worth keeping in mind. Otherwise they're fan sites and don't carry that much weight. I am curious as to which site this rumor came from.


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                      Disneyland has become the place where people learn how to be socially acceptable! Nice!


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                        Originally posted by amyuilani View Post
                        I don't see that she posted the source of the rumor. There are a few reputable sites that, when info gets posted, are worth keeping in mind. Otherwise they're fan sites and don't carry that much weight. I am curious as to which site this rumor came from.
                        Maybe she heard it from Cast Members? Maybe she has friends or relatives who are Cast Members (or she is one, herself?) In which case, she would not be able to name the source of the rumor.

                        I think we will see for ourselves how legitimate this information is in the next few weeks. I, for one, find it believable.
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                          Oh, I thought she read that somewhere. Ok. Cast rumors are abundant so we shall see.


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                            I like being in Disneyland. For me parades and shows are gilding the lily. I'm sure most others have the opposite viewpoint.


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                              Originally posted by amyuilani View Post
                              Oh, I thought she read that somewhere. Ok. Cast rumors are abundant so we shall see.
                              True. But we're not talking about some rumor regarding an upcoming attraction or some multi-million dollar project. When it comes to small changes like these in the day-to-day operations, CM's tend to know what they're talking about since they're often trained weeks (or in rare cases, months) in advance of when the change goes into effect.


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                                I've personally requested an un-manned blanket be removed on Main Street. I had a good conversation with a few cast members and leads and security and even the undercover who wears the club 33 hat all the time during that. If I could remember all their names I'd share them.

                                They told me they are supposed to remove abandoned blankets, sheets, towels or any property left alone. They also said it is one of the tougher issues because people get very mad that their plan to reserve space for free did not work and now they have to go to lost and found.

                                This was awhile back and they agreed that the fastpass change with Fantasmic helped this issue and that at some point something would have to be done about the space-saving/camping on Main Street too.

                                Here is a great article on the change that happened with Fantasmic and a nice quote from Mary. -

                                "“We don’t want to see people spend most of their day waiting for that one show,” Niven said. “We want them to enjoy their day at the park.”

                                “World of Color,” the water, music and light show at next-door Disney California Adventure, took a similar approach and as a result, Niven said, the crowd flow is smooth.

                                Robert Niles, editor at, an independent website that bills itself as a “consumers’ guide to the world’s top theme park,” said this is a good move by Disney.

                                “We’re simply seeing Disney decide to handle ‘Fantasmic!’ like it’s been handling ‘World of Color,’” Niles said. “The system over there has kept people from saving spaces and from clogging the pathways.”

                                On a recent Disneyland evening, people started claiming spots at 5 p.m. for the 9 p.m. show, one of the dwindling chances to still camp out for “Fantasmic!” The show is now offered Fridays through Sundays and on special occasions. Guests, in thick sweaters and jackets and beanies, laid out blankets; one or two in the party stayed behind while the rest wandered elsewhere in the park for a while.

                                Annual passholder Debbie Bingham of Chino Hills said waiting for hours to claim a spot is the fair price visitors must pay to get the best views of “Fantasmic!”

                                “You earn your right to be here,” Bingham said. “Are they just going to section off the whole area? Disney designed that area in California Adventure around ‘World of Color.’ Disneyland is much older and has a different layout. ... I don’t know how they are going to please everybody.”

                                But others like Chris Henry and his family from Modesto see this as a necessary change. The only reason why he camped out for a spot on a recent evening is because they had been at the park for five days and gone on all the rides. This was their finale.

                                “There’s no way we were going to spend two to three hours of our day to wait for one show or claim a spot,” Henry said. “...The new system will give everyone a chance.”


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                                  I wonder if this will only apply to Main Street?

                                  I can certainly see why Disney wouldn't want the first thing a guest sees after passing under the railroad bridge is a street lined with blankets and people sitting on the curb. I can see how Disney might feel that detracts from the ambience Disney was aiming for.
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                                    This may be true. I did notice a few differences last night with guest control along Main Street. An hour before the first parade I walked by a CM that was instructing a section of guests with blankets that asked for their parties to return as they no longer could save the area as they want to make room for more guests. Before the start of the fireworks guests were camping out for the second showing of the parade. CMs kept walking by asking the guests to step into the street as the sidewalk was being used as a walkway.


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                                      They'll just have to start telling guests that leaving blankets and bags in walkways is not ADA compliant.
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                                        Good! This is Main Street, not a beach or picnic area.