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My Birthday day at Disneyland 11/8


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  • My Birthday day at Disneyland 11/8

    Yesterday was my 59th birthday. I don't mind telling my age because as a cancer survivor I am happy to reach the next birthday I have never been to the park on my birthday and now that I am an Annual Passholder that is where I wanted to spend it.

    First of all, I knew it was going to be a good day because as I got off the tram in DTD there was a Dream Squad handing out prizes. Some people just saw a crowd and took off down a side path. I, of course, knew what was going on and made a bee line for them before they ran out. Turned out to be a pin trading lanyard with the two Year of a Million Dreams pins. This is the first time I have won something on this promotion!

    After entering the gate I went straight to City Hall and got my birthday button. Here is a photo of their Christmas tree

    Outside they had some garland up

    and garland over the Fire House

    Very shortly the fire department band showed up

    Soon Chip N Dale joined them

    Then Cruella made a grand entrance

    Part of her routine is to get a gentleman from the audience to model her latest creation

    Last but not least Goofy performed

    After the show I took some photos of some of the Christmas decorations that were up. As of this morning more decorations are up because of the filming for the Christmas Special that will be done tomorrow. You can see those photos here on localdisnyfan's report from this morning.

    The Emporium

    across the street

    From the Emporium on one side and the movie theater on the other, there were no garlands up until Coke corner and the photo shop. At this point I took a photo to show what a dismal day it was. No sun at all and the temperature was probably in the low 60's all day. But that also meant the crowds were light. Most rides were walk ons or very short waits.

    Continuing the garland we come to Coke Corner

    The photo of the photo shop was very poor due to the dismal lighting.

    The castle is looking good but again due to poor lighting my pictures don't look that great. Others have posted better. I did take some closeups.

    Around the back you could see some mighty heavy cables coming out of a turret window

    And some smaller wiring or maybe clamps are visable here

    Coming up next some of the Toon Town decorations and close ups of the masks in the decorations at NOS. Also my special trip on the Mark Twain

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    Re: My Birthday day at Disneyland 11/8

    Good TR so far. I know you had a great day and it looks like it sure was cold but fun. Keep those pictures coming. I am pretty sure that heavy duty cableing is for the fiber optic light imbedded in the snow caps. I sure hope this show turns out to be something really spectacular.
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      Re: My Birthday day at Disneyland 11/8

      I headed over to Toon Town to see what decorations they had there. I took lots of photos because they did such a nice job but I will only post a few.

      Here is their Christmas tree, or should I say bulb tree as I see no tree under all those bulbs.

      The decorations are themed to the building they are on and I got a kick out of this garland looking like relish

      Here is Minnie's tree in front of her house

      Mickey's house

      Donald's boat

      and, don't remember but I loved the chimney

      I decided to catch the 2:25 showing of Jedi Training. I love that show.

      Bye Maul. Bye Vader.

      I walked around Tomorrowland and then headed over to Frontierland to see which Billy was performing. Not Kirk, my favorite so I continued over to Haunted Mansion. This one was a walk on. As a matter of fact they were motioning us to hurry on up and in. No photos here as my camera does not handle that ride. Then I wandered around NOS. Pictures in the next post.


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        Re: My Birthday day at Disneyland 11/8

        Great stuff!

        Keep it coming!


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          Re: My Birthday day at Disneyland 11/8

          I am very impressed with the details in the decorations in NOS so I thought I would share some close ups of the masks that are in the wreaths. Each wreath is different.

          Here are some other fun decorations they have there

          After leaving this area I walked through Adventureland and got a Fast Pass for Indie Jones. Didn't really need it but I wanted to get over to DCA before they closed and I thought I might want it later.

          Headed over to DCA and went on Soarin as a single rider and then over to see Aladdin. I sat in the Mezz. level on the far right side as I wanted to watch the more technical things from that vantage point. Good show and a good Genie. After leaving Aladdin I stopped to listen to a group of older men performing 50's style rock n roll in front of the Animation building. They were very good. The main reason for my going to DCA was to get my free package of tortillas and that was my next stop

          Going back to Disneyland I went on Indie and I sure didn't need the Fast Pass! By now I was getting kind of hungry and decided to eat the fish and fries with a mint chocolate chip sundae (hey, it was my birthday after all)) for dessert at the Golden Horseshow.

          As I was coming out of the Golden Horseshow I noticed the Mark Twain had just pulled in. I watched as a couple came out of the wheel house (pilot's house?). I thought, hummmm ... it is my birthday. I wonder if they will let me ride up there? So after we boarded I headed up and went to the door that leads up there. They changed pilots and the nEw pilot motioned to a man that he could come in. I asked very sweetly if maybe I could come because it was my birthday? He asked how many were in my party and when I said it was just me, he said sure. Later another couple came up too. It was so cool. I signed the guest book and got to blow the whistle. That whole experience made my day :thumbup:

          After disembarking it was a little after 7 PM and I wanted to watch the parade at night. I think the parade looks really good with all the lights and stuff. While there I noticed some lights being tested on the castle

          After the parade ended I hightailed it over to Nemo and got in line around 7:30. I was boarding a sub at 8 PM when the park was closing.

          I took my time leaving the park and coming around to the Hub I noticed some more lights were being tested. There are a couple of threads with real good pictures here and here.

          Putting my camera on night mode and sitting it on a trash can to steady it I managed to get one good shot of Main Street 50 minutes after closing.

          On Main Street I passed some nice window displays

          On the way out said good night and thanks to Walt.

          A Christmas tree is now lit in the window

          Going to the tram I noticed the trees looking good in DTD

          I had a really good time at the Park for my special day beginning with the free pins and getting to ride in the wheel house on the Mark Twain and seeing the lights being tested on the castle. Hope you enjoyed sharing it with me

          THE END



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            Re: My Birthday day at Disneyland 11/8

            Great Birthday Report, Wendy Girl.

            All the Christmas Trees are so pretty. I love your picture of Darth Vader.

            I had to stop and try to figure out who that "gentleman" was too (the one with Cruella). I kept thinking, he looks like one of thoses Tricker or Treater Kids from Nightmare Before Christmas (the one that looked like a devil). But you told me that it's a "gentleman" that Cruella picked out. Thank you, Wendy Girl.

            Lots of great Pictures, I would last like to say.

            -Hayley B.
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              Re: My Birthday day at Disneyland 11/8

              Wendygirl, what a sweet trip report! And happy birthday to you!
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                Re: My Birthday day at Disneyland 11/8

                Excellent pictures with wonderful detail! Can't wait to look for the relish wreath!


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                  Re: My Birthday day at Disneyland 11/8

                  Great pictures and happy belated birthday.


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                    Re: My Birthday day at Disneyland 11/8

                    Happy Birthday (a day late) Wendygirl.

                    What a wonder post, glad you had such a memorable experience at the park.

                    "We believed in our idea - a family park where parents and children could have fun- together."

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                      Re: My Birthday day at Disneyland 11/8

                      Great trip report and happy birthday. Isn't November 8th a great day for a birthday.
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                        Re: My Birthday day at Disneyland 11/8

                        Yay for the Christmas decs. I love the Main Street and New Orleans Square decs the most.

                        Very nice pics. Thanks for sharing!
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                          Re: My Birthday day at Disneyland 11/8

                          Fantastic trip report. Your wonderful photographs remind me to pay more attention to the little details that make Disney so special. Thanks for sharing.


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                            Re: My Birthday day at Disneyland 11/8

                            Happy Birthday, young lady!

                            What a wonderful trip report. We haven't been to the resort since the decorations started going up. Can't wait to see them.

                            Thanks for the great preview!

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                              Re: My Birthday day at Disneyland 11/8

                              Happy Birthday Wendygirl! I was there yesterday too! Imagine that. Pan and Wendy, and we never met....
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                                Re: My Birthday day at Disneyland 11/8

                                Delightful TR. Happy Birthday to you and many more in good health.


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                                  Re: My Birthday day at Disneyland 11/8

                                  Great report, Wendygirl, and happy birthday! You have such a great eye for detail. I don't think I've ever noticed those masks in NOS before, and I love that shot of the jester in the wreath. Too cool. Thanks for these remarkable shots!


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                                    Re: My Birthday day at Disneyland 11/8

                                    Thank you for all the birthday wishes and kind words about my photos.

                                    I had never noticed the detail in the wreaths in NOS before until I started zooming in with my camera and then those masks just jumped out at me. I'm glad I was able to be there yesterday (and it sounds like there were other MCers there too) before all that equipment got set up. As much fun as it would have been to see, I'm glad for the lighter crowds and unblocked views. I'll look forward to seeing reports about tomorrow's filming from the comfort of my home )


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                                      Re: My Birthday day at Disneyland 11/8

                                      Great photos love the masks shots


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                                        Re: My Birthday day at Disneyland 11/8

                                        Happy Birthday Wendygirl! I'm glad you had a great day and that you got to spend it at the Happiest Place on Earth!

                                        I love your detail shots. They make me feel like I'm right there!


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