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Trip Report Oct 31-Nov 3rd: Fabulous trip! Day 1:


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  • Trip Report Oct 31-Nov 3rd: Fabulous trip! Day 1:

    Hi all

    There are 6 of us in our family: me, my husband, and our 4 children: three boys, ages 11, 9, and 5, and one girl, age 2. We go every year to the DLR at this time. We always stay at the Best Western Park Place Inn and Mini-Suites (and we get a mini-suite!). This was one of our best trips ever. My kids are all such the perfect ages for DL! (Well, what age isn't, really; I guess that was Walt's point).

    Wed we arrived at DL at 9:30; the hotel let us check in early (yay!); we did so and arrived at the front gates right at 9:50. We waited at the rope drop for 10 and then rushed to FL and did all the FL rides with no lines. And Matterhorn. Then we did BTMRR and Pirates, and ate at the Billy Hill show (chili in a bread bowl--yum!) for lunch while we watched the show.

    Then it was back to the hotel for swimming and napping (we always do that--and we all nap! Even me!), and then returned to DCA for Mickey's Halloween Treat. I can't remember what we ate for dinner that night. Probably nothing but candy.

    MHT was really fun! Especially on Halloween night! I've never been, and only did because Halloween fell on a Wed this year (long story--but because my kids don't have school the first Thurs and Fri of Nov, that's the week we always go, and this year Halloween happened to fall during our trip to DL). It was really fun and I thought Disney did a great job. Loved the band by Candy Corn Acres. The kids were dressed as the Grim Reaper, Neo from the Matrix, Spiderman, and a lion--in case any of you saw us there that night!

    So we did MHT from beginning til end--we do everything at DL from beginning til end, except for our brief naps and swimming breaks--I'm a big believer in catching the early morning hours and the last hours too, and returned to the BWPPI after, ready for early entry the following morning, which was Thurs Nov 1.

    What I learned today: the BWPPI is still the best choice for our family--so great they let us check in early always (for our nap), too bad they got rid of the free pancakes--love love love how close that hotel is. The walk is nothing. I'll never pay $300/night for a Disney hotel when they are FURTHER AWAY from this great $100/night hotel. We also had PLENTY of room for our large family (4 kids plus 2 adults).

    More later. . .

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