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Blunders, black eyes, and ball drops: The Disneyland we wish had never happened


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  • #61
    Originally posted by MrLiver View Post
    How about some historical blunders for some perspective:

    The Mickey Mouse Club Circus: Essentially Disneyland's first seasonal promotion, Walt enthusiastically built a circus in the back of the park. He had grand ideas for that circus - that eventually it would change into a wild west show or wild animal show. It opened for the park's first Christmas season, in November of 1955. Each day there would be a circus parade through the park to advertise the new show. The circus was a separate admission of course, and reserved seating for the circus cost the same as general park admission at $1. Not only did it fail to attract many guests, the operational challenges and financial cost of running that circus hampered the early growth of the park. The operations managers at the park had to beg Walt to admit failure and remove it, and he eventually agreed sometime in January, after only three months. It turned out that kids didn't want to see a circus, they wanted to see Mickey Mouse.

    Disneyland had lots of early issues and blunders, but the important thing to remember is that they worked to correct all of them. That is, of course, why it's still here today.
    You got hammer ,and hit the nail on the head about Mickey Mouse Club Circus:
    Walt Disney learn Fast,what the guest want and did not want!

    IT was movie
    "Toby Tyler with the Circus " they made after Mickey Mouse Club Circus close staring" Kevin Anthony "Moochie" Corcoran" !
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    Soaring like an EAGLE !


    • #62
      Love a good Debate Mr. Wiggins and Mr Liver!

      I do learn a lot good Disney stuff, from both of them
      matter if, I agreed or not
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      • #63
        Originally posted by Mr Wiggins View Post
        Disneyland's current management has the benefit of 60 years of previous experience, which they often ignore; and ginormously deep-pocket funding, which they are often too cheap to utilize. And it ignores the reality that Disneyland's current management won't take a risk on anything unless it's a per-proven money making brand.
        I agreed
        Today leadership ,does not want to learn from past history,when comes to running Disney Parks
        (specialty Disneyland).
        It's about there
        Innovation isn't in the business model of today's D I $ N E Y !.
        Soaring like an EAGLE !


        • #64
          Originally posted by SpoonCM View Post
          Things I consider misses at Disneyland?

          -Bountiful Valley Farm was obvious filler to accommodate the ITTBAB and not much else. If they had done some Epcot-like edutainment pavilion attraction instead, I'd probably would have been more in tune with it. Water play area and tractor climbing? No.
          -Tomorrowland 98 was such a bust - so much hype for a paint job and attraction gutting. Also, I miss the PeopleMover.
          -Probably because I wasn't cool enough, but I was never a fan of Videopolis. I'm sure it'd be a hit if it came back in the Hollywood Backlot.
          -Circus on Parade, cause I seriously hate clowns.
          -The State Fair was another promo I wasn't fond of. Although saying you rode a ferris wheel on the railroad track at Main Street Staion should count as double Disney cred, right?

          most , I agreed, except The State Fair

          Most people, would not remember, for it did not, last long .....
          Reason for the Ferris Wheel , on the railroad track at Main Street Station
          That when they was building Splash Mountain and the Railroad was close then.

          I though the State Fair was Fun during that time.......imo
          Soaring like an EAGLE !


          • #65
            Originally posted by BNSF1995 View Post
            Rocket Rods. That is all.
            "The old man's gonna knock on the sky. Listen to the sound."

            AP'er since 2004. Yup.....I'm one of THEM.


            • #66
              Originally posted by amyuilani View Post
              I never tried them myself, but I remember Andy Castro reporting back on the black-bun sandwich burger thingies in TLT as being pretty gross.
              Quite the contrary....they are incredible. I and my family are totally addicted to them.
              Originally posted by migo
              I poop with joy!
              Best Quote...EVER!!!

              Member of the Black Cat Owners Association #6


              • #67
                Rocket Rods - just dumb.
                Unlimited pass for ticket books!
                The Mur
                Two different worlds.....we live in two different worlds


                • #68
                  I realize it has been 20 years now, but I wish Fastpass hadn't happened at all. I get the idea - hold your place in line while you go do something else. But FP was installed before the 2nd park opened, before the AP program was revamped, and before they realized they also had to expand to give the people not waiting in lines somewhere to go. As a CM, it was often a headache trying to pulse both FP and standby lines, and people were always mad at us for not letting them go. As a guest, it sucks when it feels like your line is stuck while you watch people fly by you. Furthermore, FP tickets are treated like doorbusters, and it's insane to know that RSR runs out of FP tickets for the entire day by 10am on busy days.

                  Looking back, I wish they had never done this and just kept queues as they were.


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