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  • The bottom line is that the people keep coming. They keep buying tickets of all kinds. So why would Disney change anything, based on those simple facts alone?


    • It's too crowded, or over crowded, when you and thousands of other people are walking into a walkway or path area and it bottlenecks and you are just standing there not moving or barely able to walk at all. That is over crowded/too crowded.


      • And you're one of the reasons the flow stops. So why should your experience be protected but those "others" shouldn't be there? And "others" comes to be defined by any group you can conveniently scapegoat for the cause of your discomfort: those making monthly payments, those on a SoCal pass, locals using Disneyland as a "hang out." As though your experience is privileged over anybody else's.

        (not singling you out specifically. this is meant for anyone complaining about crowds and proposing solutions that limits what other people can do)


        • I have not looked into this scientifically but i am curious about visitation to the parks as a percentage of local and non local population. It is obvious that the population in almost every area has increased many times over in the past decades, but has the visitation to disneyland exceeded the corresponding population increase(in other words, become more popular or just as popular but from a larger base)?

          I will give an example of how things have changed in another realm. I am in the Seattle area. With the tech boom, we have had enormous changes to our population demographic. Immigrants from India (and Asia as well)have been a very large contributor to the growth. In India, skiing is something only attainable by the very wealthy, yet here it is easily a middle class activity. As a ski instructor, i can attest that childrens ski classes now can be comprised of a majority of Indian students. This has caused skiing, which has been a stagnant sport for decades, to become a slightly growing sport now, in part to the new demographic markets that are being introduced in the US.

          I would guess that a similar situation is happening with theme parks. More and more people have a lot more disposable income and increased vacation time. What are they going to do with it? Going to disneyland has always been a choice, yet now it is attainable for many more people.

          Before readers get the wrong impression that I think immigrants are "bad" or that only the rich should be able to afford Disneyland, believe me when i say that i have no problem with anyone from anywhere. I am just pointing out a specific example that i have noted and am curious if there is a much larger shift in our society and how we spend our money and time that is creating the disneyland crowding.

          Really I think that this goes well beyond Disney. It amazes me that other companies have not seen the potential and created more theme parks versus the existing empires investing to slightly expand current venues. If there were a comparable competition to disneyland customers would be forced to make the choice, but as the numbers show there is no true competition. This is why we continue to return.