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Where are your favorite resting spots?


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    Originally posted by Mind Tricks View Post

    Can you still get a baked potato in the park? They no longer sell them at the shack by the river
    Yes, at the Troubadour Tavern next to the Fanttasyland


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      Even though there's no place to sit, Snow White's Grotto is usually fairly quiet. Most people seem to travel from Tomorrowland to Fantasyland and vice versa on the north side.

      The Splash area mentioned already (Fowler's Harbor?) is definitely a top spot. Depending on crowds and time of day, Fantasy Faire tends to be a quiet place too.


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        During the summer, I would say TIKI Room


        • #19
          On a crowded day, I love the Frontierland side of Tom Sawyer's Island. It's usually shaded in the afternoon (on the east side).

          It's been said before, but the Fire Station and Main Street Opera House are great options on Main Street, and the Fowler's Harbor route is nice but I mostly just use it as a shortcut. People usually like the handicap-accessible version of the Sleeping Beauty Castle Walkthrough.

          Lately, however, I've found the staging area for the Mark Twain/Sailing Ship Columbia boarding is fairly quiet (when it's open). Usually you can sit on a bench and the cast members won't hassle you if you don't get up to board the boats.


          • #20
            Disneyland: Near the exit of BTMRR, right before the "Star Wars" wall. It's a ghost town over there since the walkway to Fantasyland is closed off, you do hear the noises from BTMRR but there are tons of benches and shade with very minimal crowds (unless you pick the bench RIGHT at the exit and are the pathway of people exiting the ride)

            I know you asked about Disneyland, but for a long time I was in the same boat as you for DCA: Animation Academy. It's still one of my favorite spots, but it's become more and more crowded recently. Hands down, the best spot for some peace and quiet is the are below the Silly Symphony Swings. It's pretty quiet, not usually crowded, and there's almost always a bench open. You can sit, relax, cool down, and people-watch across the water, boardwalk, and hear the people ride the swings above you or face the ferris wheel/Cali Screamin'.
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            • #21
              I always like to relax and hang out around the Hungry Bear. It's just a relaxing area.

              As for California Adventure, I enjoy the gazebo's by the Paradise Garden Grill. Or whatever it's called now. It's quiet, has some shade, and usually isn't that crowded.
              Merrily on our way to nowhere at all.


              • #22
                I am currently experiencing surprise due to nobody yet mentioning the long bench behind the waterfall near Donald's Boat in Toon Town. Of course, getting there would mean you actually step foot into Toon Town, which not only opens late (or used to, anyway), but also closes early, so, yeah.

                Gosh, quiet areas in the park are growing fewer and fewer seemingly by the week over the last few years. It's outside the park, but still within the resort: Whitewater Snacks is almost always empty the times I've been in there. There was only one time when there were more than a few people besides myself inside the restaurant, and that time, the place was packed for some reason.

                For parade viewing, in a quiet area, I would suggest to skip trying to find anywhere to sit along Main Street, and remember how long the parade route is, because the viewing area at Small World Mall rarely has anyone else around, and there are numerous places to sit, and I mean comfortably sit, on planters, and benches, and such.

                That back alley in New Orleans Square where Club 33 is located has a bench outside of one of the shops that doesn't seem to get much attention in the evening. I've sat there and taken some nice photos featuring nobody in the photo on busy days.

                Paradise Pier offers some nice seating areas, absolutely. That entire section by Boardwalk Pizza and Pasta and the Garden Grill has hundreds of seats, and I'd be willing to bet that a number of them might go a full day without anyone sitting at them, simply due to how many seats are available. Closer to the water, though, my wife always finds a nice seat near Mickey's Fun Wheel. A bit further on, as suggested, near Silly Symphony Swings has some quiet seated area, as well. During World of Color, that entire area is very peaceful, and nearly empty.

                The old Tomorrowland Boat dock has been getting popular over the years as a place to sit and relax, but there are still some quiet times to be had there, depending on the time of day. The Monorail is always going to sound its horn as it passes that area, though.

                At night, the areas of Pooh Corner in Critter Country, and Tinkerbell's Garden of Doom in... I guess that would be Fantasyland, although it seems more like Tomorrowland, to me, are quiet. Tinkerbell's area has some great lit up fountains in the evening, too, and if you haven't been to the park since 2008, you should take some time out to see them. Also, If you happen to be there for a Halloween party night, hitting this area over and over is a great way to rack up treats, as is the Pooh Corner area.

                Also in the evening, Rancho Del Zocalo(sp) has about nobody in it. After the sun goes down, a number of resort areas clear out, and become much more enjoyable than they were during the day.

                The outdoor seating that used to be for the Space Place, and are now for Redd Rocket's Pizza Port are usually pretty empty when I've been over there, too.

                The second floor of the Starcade never has anyone in it.

                Back in California Adventure, Hollywoodland is a ghost town. In the evening, Bugs Land is a ghost town. The former smoking area (maybe it still is one) around Grizzly River Run has some of the best scenery in the resort with not many bodies to hinder the outdoor aspect of it during both day and night.

                Most of the times I've been in the Redwood Creek Challenge trail, it's been pretty devoid of human life.


                • #23
                  Used to love the little breezeway behind the Lunch Pad (is that the right name?) that was under the Peoplemover load pad. No more than 10 tables, quiet and apart from the crushing crowd of Tomorrowland.

                  Now, the aforementioned Fowler's Harbor. Also, the Harbor Galley is quiet, especially when it closes (you can sit and see Fantasmic from there, and get a look at a bit of the behind-the-scenes operation). Any number of those little stoops and porches along MSUSA (love the one in front of the Dentist office, where you can see a mezuzah). The benches between the Matterhorn and the old Motor Boat harbor (next to the Yeti footprint). The porch tables at Plaza Inn.

                  Favorite sneaky places to eat: Troubador Tavern, Bengal Barbeque (eat outside the Golden Horseshoe), Redd Rocket's back porch, Whitewater Snacks (you feel miles away from everything), the tables in DCA opposite Goofy's Sky School, in the Boardwalk area.


                  • #24
                    Originally posted by rjrrzube View Post
                    Used to love the little breezeway behind the Lunch Pad (is that the right name?) that was under the Peoplemover load pad. No more than 10 tables, quiet and apart from the crushing crowd of Tomorrowland..
                    That is the correct name. It went on to become a Disney Radio booth, and then the TomorrowLanding. The TomorrowLanding was given the hat embroidery machine from the Hatmosphere after it closed and was turned into the Autopia Winner's Circle.

                    Speaking of quiet places to relax, I completely forgot about Alladin's Oasis. I haven't been in there for probably three years, but when I did go in there, the place was completely empty, open to the public as overflow seating for Bengle Barbeque, and was very large inside. I guess they were doing Fantasmic! meals in there for a bit, but since Fantasmic! is down, it's probably pretty clear. When I ventured in there last time, I'd bet it was the most quiet public area in the park.


                    • #25
                      Its not quiet by any means but I love going into the Animation studio in DCA. I will sit and watch the screens to rest my feet or get out of the sun for a little on hot days. There are benches but more often you can just sit on the carpet and no one bothers you. Also love to people watch in here. Lots of little kids get so excited with how big the screens are and then they start dancing and just have the biggest smiles. Parents seem to be a little bit chiller in here too and just let their kids be kids and run around for a minute instead of standing in line.

                      But I love Tom Sawyer's Island is one of may favorite spots at Disneyland. Also it seems at night the side of the Matterhorn were they sell the turkey legs gets quiet I like to sit over there and just enjoy the park.


                      • #26
                        In Disneyland, the French Market. It makes me feel at home in Disneyland.

                        The best spot, though is in DCA, right across from where the PT Flea Market used to be. It's right by the waterfall. Used to watch Disney's Electrical Parade there every time I went as a small child.


                        • #27
                          I always enjoy ,going on the Disneyland Railroad,and just go in circle ,around the park!
                          It was always relaxing
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                            Sitting on the porch on Main St.


                            • #29
                              Sadly for too many, it's on a blanket with a cooler full of junk food along Main Street four hours before the parade. And guest told a Cast Member working Parade Guest Control that it was her family's favorite way to spend the day at Disneyland.


                              • #30
                                I like the bench outside the Splash Mountain exit / Single Rider entrance, just across from Pooh's Corner; preferably during nighttime when there are few left in the park. Sometimes I can hear the music from inside the ride.

                                Another favorite is the Hungry Bear after it's closed for the night.


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