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Looking Back: Final Disneyland Diamond Day- September 5, 2016

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  • Trip Report Looking Back: Final Disneyland Diamond Day- September 5, 2016

    Summer had just wrapped up, and school was already in session. For me, it started in August, very early for my district. (We typically start in first or 2nd week of school) Homecoming was quickly coming up, and I had a great idea to make a music video to ask the person out. Flustered after the first week of school, I took whatever Birthday money I had left and used it on a ticket for the last day of the Diamond Celebration. And so I went. I typically don't do solo Disney days, yet I already planned my day out. I got there at around 5:45 since my parents can drop me off on their way to work. To pass the time, I had some Starbucks and caught a few Pokemon on the Pokemon go. Security finally opened up and later, I was able to get into the park and witness the very last Diamond Style Rope Drop.

    I remember the day flying by so fast. I was able to get shots for my music video and I really enjoyed the people and the energy as everyone there donned their diamond celebration gear. I myself had the Diamond MWM Ear hat and my Limited edition 60 pin. I quickly noticed that the shops had stopped selling Diamon Gear on the last day of the diamond celebration, which was kinda sad to me.

    Late afternoon came, and already, so many people camped along Main Street for both fireworks and PTN Parade. (which is now banned, unless all ropes are down) As I looked up and down Main Street USA for a spot, I joined a group that really reminded me of my last visit with a few friends and how much fun we all had at the parks. I had a really nice time with them and I will never forget the second to last show of paint the night and the whole energy the crowd had... until the last Disneyland Forever Fireworks. MY GOD the ENERGY WAS IMMENSE!!! People sang along with the Soundtrack, and the finale just led to tears in my eyes.

    I didn't watch the last WOC:C. The last Paint the Night was just wonderful. I found my spot for the 10:30 show after the fireworks ended, right next to the main street hat shop, the start of the parade. The last Parade was the most memorable moment In my Disney history. To start, CMs and Mickey and Friends came out and greeted all of us and gave us free Disneyland 60 Stickers, which was the thank you from the CMs to the Crowd. After they went out for the last time in their dazzling costumes, The parade came out for the last time. It was at this point that I decided to do something I had never done before, Follow the parade back to IASW. As the last float came by, I followed the parade. As we passed by the middle of main street, the energy was IMMENSE. People were singing and dancing to the music, clapping their hands to the beat, and having a grand old time. As we got to the hub, I looked back and saw this large mass of people following the last float of the parade, again singing and dancing to the beat of the song. Finally, as we got to the end of the route, tears were shed. While the masses were singing, I reflected on the many fun time I had during the Diamond celebration. From the 24 hour day, to making memories with friends, reaching the end of the route was very emotional. And so I came to my senses and Sang. Sang until the end, and again reflected on the memories the Celebration gave me.

    I am writing this because, It is my senior year of high school. I have made many wonderful friends along the way, and Disneyland was the place to be. (Despite all the price increases) The Diamond celebration did many things in my life, including meeting my girlfriend. This last day just made me feel excited for senior year, despite an exhausting first week back from summer. It is commonly said that these moments only happen once in a lifetime. The memories I made during this one year changed me as a person.

    This post may seem very long, but I want to know, what was your favorite memory from DL60? Thanks for reading

    Below is the Last Paint The night, moment mentioned above, recorded by me, when I teared up, as the lights faded away for the (then) last time.

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    Though the World of Color overlay was much maligned, I do have to admit it made me tear up upon my first view. I fell in love with Disneyland around sometime before the 50th, so Disneyland 60 marked over ten years of me coming to the parks, which also happened to be my own senior year. Neil's line "Disneyland will forever be a constant in our lives" reduced me to a mess because it reminded me of who I've been and who I will be as long as I have Disneyland.

    And as far as memories of the 60th go, I will always remember being there on July 17, and making it into an OC Register article with my girlfriend.

    Such a great topic!
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