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Three More Hotel Projects Planned For The Resort Area

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  • Three More Hotel Projects Planned For The Resort Area

    From the OC Register:

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    There have been a lot of hotels announced and approved, but still waiting for financing and construction. Haven't heard much lately about the Park Vue Inn remodel, Anaheim Plaza or the Annabella remodels. And where are the hotels at Garden walk?

    And Disney hasn't made any major moves for their proposed hotel in the Downtown Disney parking lot. I still think these projects may be a decade or more away, if they happen at all.


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      interesting, these seem to just be more normal hotels

      however they won't be eligible for the 100% bed tax hotel giveaway that was part of the previous city council. Anaheim switched to a district system. This pushed out the majority of pro-disney council members out, thus giving the majority back to the council members who have a vested interest in the city itself and not Disney. That being said the mayor has been against this subsidy handout from the beginning, but was voted against by other council members before the change.In fact there first act of motion of the new council was to prevent this type of handout from happening again.

      Most of these hotels applied for the tax subsidy which before city council changed as they knew the new council members would not approve anyones plans for free handouts. So don't expect the 4 star hotels part of the tax subsidy to be built anytime soon, I do believe the tax subsidy did have a specific date when they have to break ground by 2018 or something like that. Disney didn't even have photos of what its would look like or even information about the rooms and were approved and that was exactly what was wrong with the previous city council, disney just applied just in case they want to build it they can get the tax subsidy with no possible intent to actually committing. The other hotel manufactories needed very detailed plans during the same meeting, with room layouts, artwork etc.
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