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Mini Trip Report - 11/9/07


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  • Oswald the Rabbitt
    Re: Mini Trip Report - 11/9/07

    Nice Trip Report, he sounds so wonderful

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  • scrappydawg
    started a topic Mini Trip Report - 11/9/07

    Mini Trip Report - 11/9/07

    The Babito's babysitter was closed today, so I took the day off to take care of him. First, we stopped at Mommy's work and let all of her female co-workers fawn over him. He put on a great performance, dancing for them and giving them all hugs and kisses.

    Then we headed off to Disneyland. He absolutely goes crazy for that place. He knows he's there as soon as we drive into that huge parking structure. He gets so truly amazes me. No pictures - I forgot the camera.

    Today I tried to do some things that he'd never done before. We went to Tom Sawyer's Island (now called Pirate's Cove at Tom Sawyer Island) and went through the caves and crossed the bridges. We also ran into Captain Jack Sparrow. I took him on some rides that he'd never been on, like Roger Rabbit's Cartoon Spin and the Fish Carousel in California Adventure. He also saw the Billy Hill and The Hillbillies show for the first time. He was dancing away. I guess he's into hillbilly music.

    Of course I made sure to hit his favorite attractions, like all of the trains throughout the two parks, the Winnie the Pooh ride, and his all-time favorite attraction, The Tiki Room. He really puts on a show in there with his dancing and pointing. He had a group of young ladies cracking up. Only 14 months and already a ladies man! I'm so proud.

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