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  • Trip Report Brief Trip Report

    We returned to reality yesterday after spending four days at the Happiest Place on Earth. Our trip went pretty well and I wasn't sure I'd report on it since it was a pretty average/typical trip, but I figured I'd share a few tidbits.

    First of all, something I wanted to try but we didn't want to wait in the long line for was the Red Rose Taverne. I am a bit disappointed we didn't try it out, and maybe the line wouldn't have been that bad, but oh well, that line looked intimidating.

    The biggest reason for this trip was the Electrical Parade which my daughter and I had never seen and my husband hadn't seen for a long time. We saw it twice, once with the Blue Bayou package and once without. The Blue Bayou seating was right across from the Main Street Railroad Station and we were in the second row. The view was pretty good, and they gave us light up necklaces. The night we saw the parade without any reserved seating, we found a spot right next to the section for the BB dining package, this time we were right in the front. we had a better view than we had with the reserved seating, mostly due to being an hour early. In a nutshell, the dining package didn't give a lot of value for the price. It was fine, but I think it's not necessary, as you'll probably get a decent view either way as long as you arrive fairly early. However, I would still do the Fantasmic! package again as I thought that was a better deal. As for the parade itself, we loved it! It was great and I hope they bring it back now and then.

    We did the silhouette portraits for the first time. I'm pretty happy with them. It was really impressive how quick the woman cut them out and they are lovely. We bought one for each of us and bought frames so it was a bit pricey, but I love them and they just might be my favorite souvenir. They gave an extra copy of each picture and I plan on giving the extras to my daughter when she is an adult.

    As for rides, we rode pretty much everything we really wanted to. They opened up Pirates of the Caribbean on our last day. We went straight over there in the morning and after a delayed opening, we got on with a pretty minimal wait. Very glad we got there early as the line looked pretty long later. We rode Hyper Space Mountain which we thought was pretty cool, but left me wondering what they plan on doing when Star Wars land opens. Will they move all Star Wars themes out of Tomorrowland? Are they going to move Star Tours? I've been somewhat out of the Park News loop, so if these plans have already been mentioned, my apologies.

    We didn't meet any characters really. We bumped into chip with no line, so our daughter hugged him and had a quick photo. I'm a bit relieved she didn't want to go character crazy. In the past, character meet and greets took up the majority of our trip. It was nice not waiting in long lines for characters all day, however, it was a bit bitter sweet as watching her meet characters was really cute and I'm feeling the sting of childhood slipping away.

    Crowds weren't too bad, we used fast passes whenever we could and that helped quite a bit. We had pretty kind and helpful cast members and just a pleasant experience in general. We may try to go to Disney World in a few years, which means we may not be back to Disneyland for almost a decade. It's sort of alarming to think the next time we visit our daughter may be practically an adult!

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    Sounds like you had a great trip! I understand the feeling of childhood slipping away like that. I have 3 kids so (18, 15, 10) so I know how it goes watching how they change in their ways of enjoying the parks. Last time we were there my oldest was the one to ask to go over to Autopia. It was a surprise but off we went and all had a blast.

    Glad you to hear about the silhouettes. I have mine from when I was little hanging with my daughter's that I got done a few years ago. When I can I would like to do one of the kids together to have. Maybe one of each of the boys at some point as well....if they will let me. It is so fun to watch those being done too. It is amazing how fast they are at it and how awesome they come out.
    A crowded day at Disneyland beats a busy day of housework!!

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