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Guardians of the Galaxy Mission Breakout Predictions

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    Originally posted by Figment56 View Post
    I'm glad the haters stayed off this is my prediction...

    The old lobby becomes a new waiting area before entering the collectors exhibit spaces with previews of the wonders that you will see inside on large screens, perhaps presented by the collector himself.

    The small preshow rooms will have an animatronic Taneleer Tivan boast that he now has the Guardians in his collection for your viewing pleasure. A loud explosion shakes the room and smoke enters, the lights flicker and go out momentarily, and then an animatronic Rocket sticks his head through a new hole in the ceiling and requests our help...I'll leave clues! PAY ATTENTION PEOPLE!

    The doors open and the old boiler room is now the main hall of The Collector. Rocket's mayhem is in full shtf mode. Some of the enclosures still contain their subjects, others are damaged and there subjects have escaped. This part of the que is interactive with scrawled graffiti on the walls from Rocket showing us clues, and Rockets voice and noises of him scrambling around breaking things come from all different directions. The Collectors assistants (CM's) assure us all is well while frantically hunting for Rocket. We encounter all sorts of strange and not so strange creatures in their clear enclosures as we move forward. The "collections" that escaped create some fun, and some scary encounters as the assistants try to round them up..."All is well!" They say even though they look terrified... Just before we board our "elevator" to move to a "safe" floor, we see the guardians directly over us in a clear enclosure. Fully animatronic, they bicker about how they got caught and who is to blame, and of course, "I am Groot".

    We board the ride, and Rocket is directly over us with his final instructions. He quizzes a few guests, then says we're worthless...just hold on kids. The Breakout idea of what might happen from here...
    I wish they had done something as elaborate as that with the queue.
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      Originally posted by Mr Wiggins View Post

      Yup. Which begs the question: "which clips?" It'll be interesting to see if Chapek and his marketing management team forced Joe to make the ride an in-your-face advertisement for the GotG movie sequel, or if WDI was allowed the <hack, koff> "creative freedom" to make it about the GotG franchise in general. (And for those who don't believe Chapek's consumer products marketing mindset would be capable of such hamhanded interference in the creative process, you should talk to the folks at DisneyToons who developed the first Tinkerbell movie. If you can find any of 'em still there, that is.)

      The ride is pretty separate from the sequel, with the obvious exception being Baby Groot.

      I had a chance to talk to someone who said that Marvel didn't want WDI to use Baby Groot in the ride, because he isn't Baby Groot forever and they wanted the ride to stand on its own and not feel tied to the movie, but WDI really wanted to use Baby Groot. The intention is for the ride to stand on its own, separate from any one movie.


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        The official story for the ride is that Rocket has to cut the power to free the Guardians, but once he does, it frees all the creatures. It also messes with the gravity in the building, which is why the gantry lift is constantly rising and dropping.

        I saw someone mention it, but I doubt The Collector will be one of the AAs in the queue. Benecio Del Toro filmed new scenes in costumes as The Collector, so they'll want to showcase him pretty prominently, probably through some form of pre-show video.