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April 30 to May 5 A much needed getaway

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  • Trip Report April 30 to May 5 A much needed getaway

    April 30
    We left at 8 AM as soon as my Wife got home from work. Since she was up all night I get to drive all the way down. We arrived at the Tropicana around 330 PM the room was not ready until 4 PM.
    It looks like the Hotel has been remodeling the rooms.
    Here are 2 photos of the room.

    Went to DL and the security line was long, and the park was crowded.

    Ate at the galactic grill the first order burger was ready right away. Most of the other food lines were long.

    Wandered around the park found a spot by coke corner to wait for the parade and fireworks this was around 730. Waited for the MSEP and met some great people.

    Watched the fireworks show Remember Dreams come True it was better than I remember. Made sure we made it to the fireworks since this is the only time we can see them while we are here this trip.

    Went to the hotel it has been a long day. We were glad that the Hotel was so close.

    May 1
    DL opened at 9 had the cinnamon roll and coffee at the Jolly Holiday Bakery.
    Pirates was walk on. I had to try some of new lenses on my camera.

    Tried the special beignets they were good.
    Rode haunted it was a walk on.

    After 1100 went to Harbour Galley tried the lobster roll for the first time and the shrimp salad. When we got ready to leave I stood up and almost got hit by 2 low flying ducks, I could feel the wind from their wings.

    The Lobster Roll It was so good we came back another day for a repeat.

    The Shrimp Salad

    Talked to the train engineer and he thought the trains would be running around August 1 and the river would start filling next week (they have already started filling the river and it looks like it is almost full).
    Looked for the tie fighter bubble wand but they are sold out.
    Watched Mickey and the Magic map then rode the monorail.

    Went to DCA to see the preview for pirates. It looked good we will have to go see that one in the theater.

    May 2
    Got up and went to the park early ate at the Jazz kitchen for the breakfast sandwich and beignets then off to DCA.
    Rode radiator racers it was up to 70 minutes when we got off the ride. Rode matter the line moves quickly.

    Went to see Frozen at the Hyperion glad I took my allergy medication those beautiful purple flowers on the trees were getting to me. Frozen was good it is a see at least once. Aladdin was better but Frozen has its moments. Yes It does snow a little during the performance.
    I would probably see it again.

    Ate lunch at the Wine Country Trattoria. Service was good. We had the shrimp scampi. The food was good this is a nice place to eat good food and relax.

    Took some time for some great entertainment we sat on a bench in the shade and listened to the different groups while watching people. The stroller patrols were out in force lol.

    Went over to DL to find a spot for the MSELP the crowds seem lighter today. We have seen a lot of Mickey bubble wands today nice thing is they are quiet.

    I had to include this photo those who have seen my Disney Halloween costume will understand.

    This photo is for our granddaughter she loves dragons and Dinos.

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    Always nice to read about people having a good time at the resort. Thank you for your contribution.

    If I may ask, what did you think of the lobster roll? I ask, because my wife enjoys lobster, and has been thinking of trying that for several years now. We always forget about it in the rush of the park happenings, though. Do you think it's something to take time out for, or is it not worth the price?


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      May 3
      Went to DL. Met some of the porch potatoes they were great to talk to. It is an unofficial group or individual who spend the morning on the porch. Rode the Jungle cruise it was a walk on. Then went to Pirates a 10 minute wait. Went on Haunted Mansion it was around 10 minute wait. Waited for the Bootstrappers since we have not heard them yet.
      We enjoyed the performance and got to see some pre-school children dance to the music.

      If it is not busy they are on the path in front of the Cafe Orleans.

      Had lunch at Cafe Orleans we had the Monte cristo and the fried green tomato sandwich.
      I saw the Disneyland fire marshal go to the construction site so hopefully they will be opening it up soon but I do not expect it until July at the earliest.
      Sat on the Mark Twain and listened to the band in frontier land and then the Royal Street Bachelors.
      I love the music you can hear at DL.
      It is 80 with a slight wind the weather is perfect and the crowds are manageable.
      Ate dinner at the Carnation cafe I had the meatloaf. Make that 2 meatloafs we both had one. Next thing I know the food was at the table they were very fast (they are not that fast normally).
      For some reason I always thought the carnations at the table were fake because they are perfect but they are real flowers.

      Met a young man that was really into pin trading I had seen him trade with others and he asked several people if they wanted to trade. So when he asked me I gave him the one he wanted that way he could have some more for trading. It is fun to pass on the magic.

      May 4

      Park opened at 9 and it looks like this will be a busy day at DL. There are a lot of people in Star Wars garb. Most of the adult Star Wars fans are standing in line to buy the Star Wars special merchandise.
      We spent the better part of an hour waiting to get May 4 pins and May 5 stuff. There was another line across the way who were waiting to sign up for the Jedi academy others were waiting to get into the launch bay.
      Watched the Jedi academy the Jedi master said may the forth be with you during the beginning spiel. I thought it was a nice touch. It is fun to see the joy on the children's faces as they battle the dark forces.
      Rode the fire truck from the castle to the front then the horse drawn trolley to castle.
      Ate lunch at the hungry bear we had the cheese burger with coleslaw and we split a blueberry lemon funnel cake. The Funnel cake was great and it did not last long.
      The Columbia is in the docked area and it is set up in the show configuration I think they are practicing at night for fantasmic there were marks on the side that might be foot prints.

      The trains are not at the station any more it looks like they will be working on the tracks, looks like they are getting the reading for elevation.

      There were a lot of school groups in DL today.

      Went to the Tiki room it was packed.

      Found out where the Bootstrappers go when it is crowded, between the Pieces of eight and the Haunted store. Here they are giving everyone the oath to become official Pirates.

      Moana has a meet and great but it does not show on the Disneyland App. She is next to the exit for Jungle Cruise.

      Went to DCA it was much better there was much more room. Went back to DL to get dinner and beignets we left around 820 there was a lot of people lining up to get in. Looks like we chose a good time to get out. DCA had just closed and they were going to get into DL, yep its packed.[/COLOR]

      May 5

      Packed up the car and headed home, stopped at the Chevron gas station on Bell but it was taped off with yellow tape. So we drove to the Magic Mountain exit and the Chevron station there was taped off with yellow tape, this had us worried for a bit. It was just our dumb luck to hit the only 2 closed off.
      Stopped at Brovo farms on the way home, it is always a good spot to stretch. Made it home by 4 PM. It was a good trip. Looking forward to the next one.[/COLOR]

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        Originally posted by The Real McDuck View Post
        Always nice to read about people having a good time at the resort. Thank you for your contribution.

        If I may ask, what did you think of the lobster roll? I ask, because my wife enjoys lobster, and has been thinking of trying that for several years now. We always forget about it in the rush of the park happenings, though. Do you think it's something to take time out for, or is it not worth the price?
        It was good and we will have it again, we had been trying to get one for several trips but we just got to busy to get one, so we made a special effort this time. My Wife thought it needed salt. Get one and try if for your self and then decide if you like it. Food choice is a very personal thing.


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          look forward to May 4th experience


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            Originally posted by laferney Road kid View Post
            look forward to May 4th experience
            I thought I would add to the 4th.
            There were a lot of children in star wars outfits, and some adults had on star wars clothing. There were several special photo op places in Tomorrow Land but we did not stop for those.
            I notices several people had the Light sabers that were sold in the Launch Bay, they looked nice. They were not the toy ones with the plastic handle but it looked like the handle was made out of metal. Went to see how much they cost and decided to pass on getting one they were over $150.
            Disney had added a lot of small things to bring in people, many of them were nice touches. And boy did the people come, it was crowded. The Meet and greet times at the Launch bay were over 30 minutes for all of the characters.
            It was fun seeing all of the children dressed up, we even say a young Darth Vader waiting for Launch bay to open.
            They seemed to have a lot of 4th and 5th merchandise but I am not sure how long it will last since the 5th was also a grad night.


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              Originally posted by sbk1234 View Post
              Great trip report
              Thank you for your kind words, looking back on the trip through the report helps me to remember what a great tine we had.


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                Originally posted by mouseknotts View Post

                Thank you for your kind words, looking back on the trip through the report helps me to remember what a great tine we had.
                I find that's the main reason I like doing trip reports.

                No matter where you go, there you are.


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                  Originally posted by whoever View Post
                  Great TR. can't see the exif on my phone but your dark ride and frozen shots are great!!
                  Thanks I was trying my new lenses and some other tricks I just picked up.