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  • Happiest Celebration Trips on Ebay

    I'm not sure if this has been covered yet, but I noticed today that Disney is selling a package on Ebay with trips to the 50th Anniversary Celebrations.

    Hope that link works.

    Anyway the important thing is that it talks about when and where the celebrations are going to be.

    It says that the BIG celebration in May will be at WDW and the BIG celebration in July will be at DL.

    That means, of course, that there won't be much going on at DL on May 5th.

    Has anyone seen any other info on this??

    BTW the price is currently at $4550 for both trips. I'm fighting the urge to bid.
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    Not a good link , but cool to know!
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      Link works now.


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        what a cool package!
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          You know, $1150 for each person is truly not bad at all, when you figure that's for TWO trips........I don't know about staying at DL for only 2 nights though......If only I could afford it (or had 3 other friends who could afford it!!!LOL!!!)
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            Thanks for the info... The 3 days that I did not check the Disney Auctions, they put this up :monkey: Sounds very cool...


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              Current bid: US $8,826.27
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