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Toontown & Frozen - No Schedule for June?!

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  • Toontown & Frozen - No Schedule for June?!

    This will be my first trip to Disnleyland - going for 4 days - June 11-14 with my 4-year old daughter and the Disneyland website says "Schedule Unavailable" for both Frozen at the Hyperion AND ALL of the attractions in Toontown! Does this mean these attractions will be closed or is it common for the schedule for these things to not be posted yet? I've heard rumors that Toontown may be closing. My daughter will be so disappointed if she can't see Mickey and Minnie's house or the Frozen show.

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    They're selling Frozen dining packages for the 11th so it should be happening on that day. I don't know about the 12th - 14th. AFAIK, ToonTown should be open during the daytime hours everyday.
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      DLR typically only posts up entertainment schedules 2 weeks in advance... sometimes as little as 10 days.

      I wouldn't sweat it. Frozen isn't going anywhere (the little girl mob would be horrifying) and the Toontown rumors are as old as Toontown itself. Considering the 30 minute line typically posted on Minnie's House and the 45 minute line on Roger Rabbit, it's not going anywhere either.
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        June 11 will be the only day of your trip that you will be able to see Frozen - Live at the Hyperion.


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          It does appear that Frozen is dark the 12th-25th of June.
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