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Help me plan my trip for this weekend!

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  • Help me plan my trip for this weekend!

    Hey there! I had a few questions for my quick birthday disneyland upcoming trip!

    Okay, so I will be there this Sunday (5/21) and Monday (5/22). On 5/21 (will be there at opening), I will be going to Disneyland first. However, the question I have regards Monday. See, I am staying on property (Grand Californian). Disneyland opens at 9AM on Monday. DCA opens at 10AM, but has Extra Magic Hours starting at 9AM. So, my question is, do you think I should start off at DCA or Disneyland on Monday?

    Thank you!

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    9am open at DL. The EMH at both DL and DCA have been VERY disappointing as of late due to attractions not being open for as much as 45 minutes into that first precious hour... unless of course you like seeing CMs still testing rides before open. (then I suppose it would be fun)
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      I support the above observation, gleaned from travel reports the last month, that the mornings are losing their magic. you are fortunate to hear about this, because most of the folks on Monday will be lining up for RSR, however I have heard that fastpass for RSR are open at EMH, so you could snag a fastpass for later in the day for RSR if you find value in RSR


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        I have done magic morning at both parks very recently and had a different experience than the folks above me . I would say open monday in DCA and be in the queue even earlier than 9, I would say 8:30. Kick off with soarin and then head to get your radiator springs fast pass. Once you have done both of those I would just queue up again for entry into carsland and enjoy it before the crowds build, often times mater is a walk on first think as well as Luigi. Happy birthday! sounds like a blast

        PS: might even get lucky and see some soft opening of Mission breakout, who knows!


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 why would he be going to Soaring first then grab his fastpass for RSR?
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