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Single-rider passes for tomorrow's DL trip!


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  • Single-rider passes for tomorrow's DL trip!

    I'm treating myself to a trip to Disneyland tomorrow. I've been countless times with friends and thought it would be fun to make a trip on my own. Besides, I HAVE to ride Space Mountain. I was at the park and rode it 6 times the day before it closed, and I have to ride it now that it's opened again. I'm wondering... which rides have single rider passes... you know, where you can skip through the exit line or the fastpass line if you're not afraid of sitting with a stranger, etc?

    Can you do this on Space, Indy, or Splash? I'm headed for the park from 8AM on, and I'm gonna make this a crazywhirlwind trip where I want to ride all I can (since I don't have anyone else going with me slowing me down or wanting to spend a ton of time eating or shopping!).

    Thanks guys... and any other tips for going to DL on your own are welcome too. Also, if you know of any single-rider stuff in DCA that would be cool too-I have a parkhopper pass for tomorrow and I was thinking I'd probably go over to DCA for an hour in the afternoon to ride the Tower and Screamin.

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    Re: Single-rider passes for tomorrow's DL trip!

    To the best of my knowlege here are the current single rider attractions:

    DL: Splash (Indy was once had single rider)
    DCA: Grizzly, CA Screamin', Soarin', Mulholland Maddness (although sometimes they limit single ridership if the queues are overcrowded)

    If you're going from 8:00am, I reccomend loading up on Fastpasses (read Darkbeer's guide) early on, even if you're not planning on using them until later. The first few hours the park is open is the best time to ride some of the bigger, non-fastpass attractions such as the Matterhorn and Haunted Mansion. The line for Pirates varies throughout the day, so you *might* be better off waiting until the late afternoon if you're going to ride. Other than that, have fun and enjoy some of the smaller pleasures in the park at your own pace...


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      Re: Single-rider passes for tomorrow's DL trip!

      Thank you for the great tips. At 8 I'm bolting for Space Mountain and then I think I'll follow your advice and have a Matterhorn ride.

      I'm not just going to run from ride to ride all day though. I plan on having some time to enjoy the little things I love at the park (like sitting down with a bowl of soup to listen to the Dixieland band in New Orleans). Doing things like that will be a blast- because with a group of people, you have to get up and leave with the group if they're bored with what you like or they don't want to go on the ride you want to go on.

      It's going to be a blast... I'll probably have just enough energy to make it until about 10 or so (maybe 11) after the fireworks are over.

      Hopefully those Wednesday crowds will be a bit lighter too.


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