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Forum News (Updated August 1, 2017)


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  • Forum News (Updated August 1, 2017)

    1. The unapproved post issue has been resolved.
    2. SPAM has been reduced, but it is not completely gone. I am testing out different forum options to see what works best. So far, only very small changes have been made, and the SPAM has been greatly reduced. I have many more tools available, so the problem will completely go away at some point.
    3. The next task will be to fix the bugs that prevent merging threads and completing basic maintenance tasks.
    4. After 3 is completed, we will try to determine what is causing the delay when posting and refreshing pages. Once we determine what the problem is, we will fix it.
    5. After that, the "Be Nice" campaign will return in full swing.

    Thank you all for your patience.

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    #2 is near completion. Let's all bid the spammer a fond "au revoir" and "sayonara." Parting is such sweet sorrow...not. I know he has some accounts I have not yet banned, so I'm sure he will pop up from time to time. For the most part, though, it's game over.

    On to #3!


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      In regards to #3 and #4 in my first post. I have done some digging, and all of the issues were reported months ago. In some cases they were reported years ago. The problem is that the issues either can't be fixed, or there has been no response from the development team.

      For example, the ignore feature does not work. That was reported months ago. There was some discussion between MiceChat technical staff and the developers, and then it stopped when the developers stopped responding.

      Another example is the slow forum response time. That was reported immediately after the switch was made almost two years ago. Monorail Man made extensive modifications to the database to increase the response time, but there were still issues. The developers said they would look into it and then stopped responding.

      I now know that our current solution is no longer viable. Our contract is up in September, and we will have something much better and faster to replace it. This I guarantee. Of course, everything is ultimately up to the forum owner, but I will explain the current situation and that we must make changes.

      Thank you all so much for your patience. The replacement will be worth the wait.


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        Now that D23 has ended, I am going to arrange a time to meet with the forum owner to discuss changing the software and hosting company. I already know what software we need to move to and what host we should use. I just need to get approval. The cost is the same so that won't be an obstacle.

        Our contract with vBulletin ends on September 1, 2017. Ideally, we would go live with the new site prior to this, but there might not be enough time to make this happen. The worst case scenario is that we will extend with vBulletin for one month and then go live sometime in September.

        I will provide updates as they occur.


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          The forum is currently having issues. I can not moderate posts, and several members have problems dismissing notifications. I have reported the issue to vBulletin, so hopefully they fix it soon.

          ETA: The recent forum issues appear to be resolved.


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