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Rose tavern still open?

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  • [Chat] Rose tavern still open?

    there is delays on heading to disneyland this year due to family first and fantasmic opening in july 17. i have not found any source if rose tavern is still open. so i can get my hands on the grey stuff desert

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    Last Wednesday it was still open, I even went in there since I was taking a small walk of Fantasyland and all the establishments there. Since I haven't heard anything otherwise since then I'd assume it's still open.
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      The restaurant is ridiculously popular. I wouldn't be surprised if they kept it around for the next several years.


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        This may be reading too much into it, but generally the app/website are updated 6 weeks out. Currently, I can see hours for Red Rose Tavern up to July 1. July 17 shows no hours. So it may mean they're converting it back to the Village Haus in early July, or it may mean they haven't decided yet. And it could change anyway.

        But anyway, it's Red Rose Tavern right now, but it might not be in two weeks.


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          Yesterday, I asked CMs at the Red Rose Tavern, and they said they didn't know how how long it will be open.

          Their "Beast" hamburger is currently my favorite burger in the park, and the parmesan fries that comes with it are nearly as good as what you get at Cafe Orleans. I also like the "gray stuff", although it is somewhat overhyped. So I wish the food offerings would stick around as long as possible.

          That said, I do find the actual "tavern" to be a bit dark, and the theme is, after all, just an overlay. I'll understand if Disney doesn't keep it around much longer.
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            Honestly, and hold your fire as I say this...until they possibly make a permanent Be Our Guest restaurant, the Rose Tavern might be here to stay. And...that might not be such a bad idea? Village Hous will always have a special place in my heart, but as for all of the terrible examples of Disney Shoehorning IP's into the park, Rose Tavern really isn't one of them. It fits, it's nice, the food is good. It's alittle overhyped by, it seems to be one of the more popular places to each in the park right now. More popular than Village Hous was.


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              Beauty and The Beast made 1.248 billion dollars at the box office. It's here to stay.