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How compatible are Ghost Galaxy and Hyperforce Mountain.

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  • How compatible are Ghost Galaxy and Hyperforce Mountain.

    While I am glad to see the "standard" Space Mountain open for the public (and fans ), does anybody have any information on how structurally similar the two overlays are? I know that Hyperspace Mountain has that starfighter laser effect that has no place in Ghost Galaxy, but do they use screens in the same location etc.

    And while were at it, do they keep the cookie in the overlay?

    Any information would be great! thanks!

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    Just going purely based on my memory, I believe that both overlays utilize the same screens for thrir own unique effects.
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      I think it's literally just a flip of the switch between them. All that really changes between the two is the projections, the soundtracks, and Hyperspace had some laser effects. The projections are all in the same locations.