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Castle overlays -- too much already?


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  • Castle overlays -- too much already?

    This originally was a response to a thread but I felt it was going to severly derail it so I am starting one on my own.

    Now don't get me wrong I like the way the Castle is looking with the snow overlay but...

    Personally, I am getting a little tired of Castle overlays due to philosophical reasons on what it is doing to the park.

    Thanks to the 50th it seems like they now have to add all these touches to the Castle to celebrate the seasons. Next came the infamous Dream Swans, and now the snow effect. What's next? A Groundhog Day overlay? Taking cue from the Dia de los Muertos display in Frontierland, maybe they could do something cultural and do a Cinco de Mayo overlay or something.

    In order to work, the Castle must be subdued. The greatness of it lies within the fact that it sits in the center of the park -- it lies in the heart of the park and Disneyland's Magic both emanates from it and feeds into it. The Carousel is not located there, not is Roger Rabbit's Cartoon Spin, nor is any other ride and to trivialize it as just another attraction by overlaying the heck out of it every season does a great disservice to its very functional job of being the main portal into the Disney realms of Yesterday, Tomorrow and Fantasy.

    No, you may not go through it but it does its job just by the mere sight of it as you enter the park at the end of Main Street -- which is an area designed simply to cleanse one's palate of the emotional stresses left on the other side of the entry booths -- nothing more and nothing less. Only then do you see the Castle -- just a clue that you have entered a wondrous World of Fantasy which Disney has laid out all around you for you to explore.

    OK. I am done with my little rant. Anyone else out there think they should just leave the Castle alone? Feel free to discuss. In advance I can't get on here quite as much as I used to but feel free to discuss and try to keep it civil, ok?

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    Re: Castle overlays -- too much already?

    No, I think they should continue to decorate it.


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      Re: Castle overlays -- too much already?

      I think there only gonna stick with the major holidays and i like it decorated


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        Re: Castle overlays -- too much already?

        Ditto to everyone else.


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          Re: Castle overlays -- too much already?

          It's been snowed on... it's pretty! And they've ALWAYS decorated the castle for the holidays.


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            Re: Castle overlays -- too much already?

            I like it decorated. I'm always sad when I can't make it to SoCal to see the latest overlay.
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              Re: Castle overlays -- too much already?

              I think that the Castle being decorated for the Christmas Holiday season is fine (which I am hoping they can pull off), and events such as a milestone anniversary is fine, but doing it for every holiday is going overboard. I agree that what is next, St. Patricks Day shamrocks, and Valentines Day hearts plastered all over the castle would be overkill. Disney has found that they can exploit holidays to make the $$$$$$$$$, and tons of it. So I assume that we will see the exploitation of other holidays, once they find a way to do it. Good grief, it is ridiculous that Christmas is starting on the 16th of NOVEMBER!!!!!!
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                Re: Castle overlays -- too much already?

                I think that is really exagerating "Castle" overlays. Disneyland,
                as long as I remember has ALWAYS decorated the Castle for
                Christmas. This year they decided to make the Castle a
                bigger show ~ and since the Castle is the centerpiece of
                the Magic Kingdom, it's more than appropriate. Some years
                they had a flocked Christmas Tree, and this year they've
                flocked the Castle. And what's nice is that it has been
                done tastefully. And we haven't even seen the lights in
                operation! It's a bit Grinchlike to sound off against an
                enhancement that adds to the holidays. Give it a chance.

                You mentioned the Crowns for the 50th, and THAT was
                certainly a once in a lifetime celebration. The decorations
                were tastefully and beautifully done.

                Now, on the other hand, the dream swans were only in the
                moat, certainly NOT a Castle Makeover ~ it was the entry
                tunnels that had the lame overlay ~ and it didn't take too
                long before that mistake was corrected.

                For the Fireworks show, they do make the Castle an important
                part of the show, with the lighting, fireworks, and blasts of fire.
                But it's not an overlay.

                The DL Castle has never been made up like a Jester, as the
                DL Paris Castle has, nor has it been transformed into a giant
                pepto pink Birthday Cake, NOR have they strung rolls of toilet
                paper on it, as Castle at the Magic Kingdom in WDW. I'd save
                the whining for things like that, instead of a seasonal decoration,
                which fit in beatifully with the rest of the area.
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                  Re: Castle overlays -- too much already?

                  I think A Mardi Gras Castle would be really coooL!


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                    Re: Castle overlays -- too much already?

                    I see where you are coming from DisIP. I see both sides of the arguement though. It is nice to see fresh new ideas and new changes to the castle. On the other hand is takes time to decorate meaning the castle is not at its ideal state for a while.

                    So far all of the castle changes are speculation. Disney has made it Christmas for as long as I remember. The 50th was a one time thing. Problem is, with the Disney "downtimes" as far as attendance goes, they've been able to get those times busy too with Halloweentime and other promotions. The more success these little promotions have, the more likely we'll be seeing the castle changed for whatever the occasion is.



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                      Re: Castle overlays -- too much already?

                      the castle is the main focual point of the park of course it should be decorated for the holidays, IMHO it should have been decorated for haloween


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                        Re: Castle overlays -- too much already?

                        I don't think there are enough castle overlays. They should dress it up like a big birthday cake or TP the whole thing! Now that would be awesome.


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                          Re: Castle overlays -- too much already?

                          I like it decorated also. Especially at christmas time.


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