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  • [Fun] Shameless Disney Music Prank

    [This post originally discussed some very creative and expert interpretations of classic Disney melodies in the styles of various Classical Masters, such as Brahms, Strauss, Vaughan Williams, et al. Howver I have decided to remove it because it linked to the CDs in question, which might be Forum-inappropriate.]
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    Im reminded of this right now and Im not sure why

    I don't think imagination is dead. Anywhere or in the parks. I think that sometimes, we need to remember, that when you see something so highly to begin with, and then you visit it or see it every weekend, that shine it once had, it starts to wear. I think, and this isnt meant as an insult or anything rude or whatever, that sometimes, the imagination dies a little in ourselves, as opposed to the thing we are critiquing and its further diminished when it doesn't align with what we think it should align with.