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Lisa's Mega Colossal, SupercaliforniafragilistikexpialaTrip Report! 10/26-31


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    Re: Pt 2 of Lisa's Mega Colossal, SupercaliforniafragilistikexpialaTrip Report! 10/26

    MORE MORE MORE.. please

    Friends for life


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      Re: Pt 2 of Lisa's Mega Colossal, SupercaliforniafragilistikexpialaTrip Report! 10/26

      The costumes were so colorful and detailed!

      I so wanted to get up and sing and dance with everyone. Somehow, I didn't think that would go over well. Had I been a young lady living in CA (back in the day), I sooooooooo would have auditioned to be a performer at Disneyland!


      Off with your heads!

      I spotted Alice all over the park, but she was always surrounded by crowds so I had to admire her from afar. She was so bouncy and lively, I had a hard time getting a picture during the parade. Alice and Cinderella didn't want me taking pictures of them!

      The Lion King performance was fun, fun, FUN!

      I decided that as much as I wanted to be a Disneyland performer, I really didn't want to be a performer who wore fur. Hot! This girl was so cute. She danced right in front of us and never broke her smile the whole time.

      This girl is in shape! I got several great shots of her spinning.

      The Lion King was one of Kaylie's favorite movies growing up. I know she liked their show and seeing Simba. In this one, one of the performers is trying to get Joey to give her "five". He was grinning at the attention, but too excited to be able to respond. She finally ruffled his hair and went back to her performance. Naturally it happened so fast, I couldn't back out of zoom mode in time to capture the picture properly.

      Heigh Ho!

      Of course there's more. I took over 1400 pictures, remember?


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        Re: Pt 2 of Lisa's Mega Colossal, SupercaliforniafragilistikexpialaTrip Report! 10/26


        After the parade we decided to give some attention to California Adventure. We found we had to follow the parade out, so it was an opportunity for more pictures,of course! Isn't Snow White adorable?

        I think this pictures is just too cute for words. But I'll put some words here anyway, ha ha.

        Does Aurora take any bad photos? Maybe princesses aren't allowed to...

        I heart you too!

        Hey, finally, a clear (?) shot of Alice!

        Another cute one of Aurora. I never did see more of Cindy than her back.

        Bye Bye Snow White!

        And off to DCA we go. What I love about Disneyland is the details. In the bathrooms- detail. In the lines- detail. On the streets- detail. Yes, even the streets.

        Our last name begins with "R", making this picture totally

        Yes. I'm like this all the time.

        Joey was fascinated by the candy corn theme at DCA. He insisted on lots of pictures with the candy corn things! Maybe because they have yellow in them?

        There's lots more pics yet- before I slumber this eve.


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          Re: Lisa's Mega Colossal, SupercaliforniafragilistikexpialaTrip Report! 10/26-31



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            Re: Lisa's Mega Colossal, SupercaliforniafragilistikexpialaTrip Report! 10/26-31

            Something weird is happening to my trip report! I don't know whose thread was tacked onto the beginning of this...

            I'll attempt to carry on.


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              Re: Lisa's Mega Colossal, SupercaliforniafragilistikexpialaTrip Report! 10/26-31

              I don't know either... It's really confusing me.

              Mind helping, Mod's?


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                Re: Lisa's Mega Colossal, SupercaliforniafragilistikexpialaTrip Report! 10/26-31

                Great photos. I love the one where Aurora has her hands in the shape of a heart. That Face character is big on that. Great shots!
                ~Princess Aurora at Heart~


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                  Re: Lisa's Mega Colossal, SupercaliforniafragilistikexpialaTrip Report! 10/26-31

                  As I said, Joey LOVED the candy corn theme.

                  Mainstreet of DCA was fun. The kids loved the painted sky.

                  It didn't take us long to find a new friend!

                  You could tell these guys were having fun together. They were goofing around every time we saw them- and we saw them often.

                  It's the place to pose. So we did.

                  Our first DCA ride was Monsters Inc. After subjecting Joey to several dark rides at Disneyland, we knew it was time to cater to our younger member for a bit. He loved the Monsters ride!

                  After the ride, it was time for a bit of sustanance before making our way to the Aladdin show. I can't remember the name of this particular restaurant, but it was good!

                  Joey got the mini burgers. He wasn't happy about it. He'd spotted Award Weiners earlier and was demanding a "Vienerschnitzel" from there- but he got outvoted.

                  I though the Mickey Mouse platters were fun.

                  Joey made it clear there was nothing fun about not getting his weiner. Kids like Joey often come off as being bratty. In a way it's true, but it's not something they're concious of or can much help. When he gets a thought, it's often an obsessive thought. Autism is a neurological problem that has a lot to do with abnormal thought pathways. They can be too deep- leading to obsessive thoughts, or they can be incomplete or wrong, leading to a lack of understanding or confused thoughts or signals. As a result, though he feels deeply, it's not always expressed appropriately. His understanding and perception of what's around him is very different than how you or I might interpret or percieve something. Being in a situation so far removed from his routine (and kids with autism/Aspergers thrive on routine) can bring out the worst in behaviours. So a lot of times, we'll give in more than usual to some negative behaviors when in a public situation- just to save us all a lot of stress in the long run. Sometimes Joey can be distracted out of bad behaviors, but often he can't be. If the latter is the case, your choice is to give in to the obsessive thought, or be prepared for a total meltdown that will put a damper on things for a long time.

                  To have some peace, I promised him an Award Weiner if he still wanted one after Aladdin, and was good during Aladdin.

                  I was excited as we approached the theater. I have to thank one of the Mice Chatters here for contacting me privately and offering to put us on the VIP list for the show- guaranteeing us great seats. (He works at the Hyperian Theater) I wasn't going to say no! I don't want to put his name here without his permission, but he knows who he is. His kind offer was the epitomy of Disney magic to me. I never saw the Dream Crew in the white vests, but being on the VIP list for Aladdin was like being a dream winner. So thanks, friend!

                  As evening drew near, the air started getting cooler. Tom put on the new Goofy sweatshirt we'd picked up after supper.

                  Are you sure this is the VIP line, mom?

                  At the theater, our names were checked off of the list and we were escorted back through a special door and put in line behind a barracade. We weren't sure what was going on, it didn't feel very VIP-ish. We could see masses of people walking in through another door and into an outside seating area. We wondered why they could roam and we couldn't and wondered also if it was an outdoor production. We waited patiently. Before too much longer, the barracade was removed and those of us in line were personally escorted past the masses outside and into the theater.

                  I didn't expect the theater to be so massive- but it was. Neither did I expect so much beauty- though I supposed I should have. We were lead to the front of the theater and told to choose our seats. Tom and I and the kids got in the 2nd row- center. Then, after the VIP's were seated, the rest of the crowds were let in to find their seats.

                  Aladdin was amazing. As Mary Poppins might say, it was perfect in every way. Tom loved it, the teenagers loved it, Joey loved it. My boys don't have the greatest attention span, but they were glued to the stage for Aladdin. There was talent galore, amazing sets, spectacular costumes, awesome special effects, and always something interesting to see. The show was very funny and just the perfect length to tell a complete story without being too long for little kids. I think it lasted about 50 minutes.

                  This girl didn't have a single line, but her expressions and actions spoke volumes. She was wonderful.

                  Scenes from the show.

                  The actor and actress playing Aladdin and Jasmine were terrific. They related well to each other and to the audience. All of the actors were amazing. There is just nothing negative to say about Aladdin. If you haven't seen it and have the chance to go- GO!

                  Yeah- coooooool!

                  Genie had the audience cracking up constantly. It takes true talent to be so "on" all the time. He was wonderful.

                  My daughter thought Aladdin himself was HOTT! She was jealous when he rode through the audience on his elephant and pointed at me. I was trying to take a picture, and got the picture of him pointing at me- but of course it's all blurry.

                  More Aladdin- coming up!


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                    Re: Lisa's Mega Colossal, SupercaliforniafragilistikexpialaTrip Report! 10/26-31

                    Ahhh, I just love the Aladdin show. I've nseen it multiple times and I always love it. I must agree with Kaylie, Aladdin is almost always a hottie!


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                      Re: Lisa's Mega Colossal, SupercaliforniafragilistikexpialaTrip Report! 10/26-31

                      More from Aladdin!

                      I know I've seen the dude on the far right on TV. I can even hear his voice in my head. I just can't sort what commercial(s) or shows I've seen him on. Yet.

                      Happy is the boy who gets an Award Weiner!

                      Goodness he loved that weiner. And it smelled so good that we all had some weiners. No matter we'd just eaten big before Aladdin. And gosh, Disneyland food is NOT cheap! What we would call nice fast food at home, cost over $50 for the five of us for one meal. Yikes! Only on vacation.

                      We did a little shopping. The kids all decided they wanted pressed pennies for souvenirs.

                      And here they are. Isn't it illegal to damage government money? What should be illegal is to charge 50 cents to damage a penny, ha ha!

                      I mentioned that Joey loved the candy corns- right?

                      I have to concede that this particular candy corn was pretty fun.


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                        Re: Lisa's Mega Colossal, SupercaliforniafragilistikexpialaTrip Report! 10/26-31

                        VALENTINO'S? I know of it! Ah, the memories!

                        This is an excellent, educational TR and I can't thank you enough for sharing!


                        Originally posted by lil lisa View Post
                        Roo, the Italian place was called Valentinos. My hubby and I met there when we were teenagers, so it's got a special place in the heart for my family.

                        mikeland, DisneyWorld is next on the list. One of my best friends just bought a beach front condo about 30 minutes from Disney. She's invited us to stay with her when we can work it out. Gotta wait for some cheap airfare first though!

                        Laughin'Place, I've heard we could have done something like that, but we chose not to. Joey is very high functioning and we figured if we paid attention to the wait times, and used Ride Max, he'd be just fine. But like I said, the park wasn't busy and we rarely had to wait. To get a special pass would have made me feel like I was taking advantage. If he were lower functioning, I would have no problem doing something like that. Thanks for mentioning it though- because someone else might read this who needs to know about the option.

                        Thanks everyone for the positive comments! I'm off to work on part 2!
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                          Re: Lisa's Mega Colossal, SupercaliforniafragilistikexpialaTrip Report! 10/26-31

                          Those crazy candy corns look yummy!

                          Everywhere we turned there was something fun and interesting to see.

                          Joey's not afraid of big bears.

                          What a gorgeous view.

                          With Joey's appetite settled, we decided it was time for a serious ride. Never thinking I'd agree to it, Tom suggested the California Screamin' roller coaster. I said yes immediately. I figured if I could survive the spinning tea cups and the crazy bobsleds, I could handle the coaster.

                          Joey and Trevor said they'd wait for us on the bench.


                          I have to tell ya that the roller coaster was my favorite ride. It was awesome! The only disappointment was that we didn't have time for me to ride it again before we left CA.

                          While Tom and Kaylie and I were doing loop de loops around Mickey's head, this kind cast member noticed my son's Jeff Gordon shirt and admitted he too was a JG fan. They talked Nascar until the rest of us got back. Then we all talked Nascar for a bit. The gentleman is trying to show is JG love by holding up 24- Jeff's car number. He joked afterwards that he probably got it backwards. He did. But we don't care. He was very nice and kind to my boys. We know he's a Gordon fan true and true.

                          We were exhausted as we left DCA for the night. We all wanted to go back to the hotel. But this was our only night to see Fantasmic! Impressed by how much we'd loved the parade and Aladdin, we knew we had to at least try to see Fantasmic too. But the walk from DCA to Frontierland seemed to take forever...

                          We were entertained on our walk by the fireworks in the distance. Pretty neat.

                          What wasn't neat was the crowds. Even though we were more than 45 minutes early, it was a madhouse of people searching for a spot for Fantasmic. I was ready to say forget it, but Tom kept us going onward.

                          At first we were on a bridge near the Pirates ride. But the viewing was poor and Joey was starting to whimper with fatigue and no place to sit. Tom found us another spot nearer the water. There were roped off sections in front of us, probably for other VIPs and special needs visitors. I'm not sure- but their seats looked mighty inviting. We started out sitting on the sidewalk with our backs to a brick wall of sorts. But then as more crowds pushed their way in, they stood in front of us and we couldn't see a thing sitting or standing. So we climbed up on the skinny iron railing on top of the wall. That was our uncomfortable perch for the show. At first, Kaylie and Joey were too tired to try and climb up on the perch. Joey climbed into Kaylie's lap, and they both fell to sleep.

                          Just a bit more before I go to bed.


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                            Re: Lisa's Mega Colossal, SupercaliforniafragilistikexpialaTrip Report! 10/26-31

                            It was a relief when the show started. We were so tired! Immediately we were intrigued by the blacklit colors on the water, a large spray of water, with images of Disney villians on it, and beautiful shapes on the water.

                            We still weren't sure what was going on, but we were very much interested!

                            The song, Smoke on the Water has new meaning for me now.

                            So pretty!

                            Ariel is back!

                            What's happening, Mickey?!

                            What a witch!

                            Can Mickey slay the dragon?

                            I'm not sure why there was a riverboat full of Disney characters on the water, but it was sure fun to see them all together like that! Can you recogize a few of your favorites?

                            And back to our song. Fire in the sky!

                            One more for tonight. Are ya still with me?


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                              Re: Lisa's Mega Colossal, SupercaliforniafragilistikexpialaTrip Report! 10/26-31

                              Great pictures! Keep 'em coming!


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                                Re: Lisa's Mega Colossal, SupercaliforniafragilistikexpialaTrip Report! 10/26-31

                                Fantasmic! was amazing and I'm glad we saw it. But the seating options, or lack thereof, was disappointing and frustrating. There weren't even any decent standing options. I guess it's a testament to how popular of a show it is though. We loved it. But boy were we one pitiful group as we made our way to the tram.

                                Is it really only 11:15? It seems like it should be 1:15am! Oh- maybe because in Nebraska- it is!

                                Car, sweet car. Take us to our comfy beds.

                                Blessed E-Clair, who took much of the guesswork and stresswork out of driving and made it fun and easy. We miss her!

                                Don't those Hampton Inn beds look inviting? Yes they do! Down comforters and pillows aplenty. I'm sleepy just looking at them.

                                We were asleep in minutes after getting to our room.

                                Thanks for following me through another day in California! Tomorrow I'll try to post day 3!



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                                  Re: Lisa's Mega Colossal, SupercaliforniafragilistikexpialaTrip Report! 10/26-31

                                  So many awesome photos! I'm looking forward to the rest!


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                                    Re: Lisa's Mega Colossal, SupercaliforniafragilistikexpialaTrip Report! 10/26-31

                                    Nooooooo... You need to finish it now! lol

                                    I love your TR


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                                      Re: Lisa's Mega Colossal, SupercaliforniafragilistikexpialaTrip Report! 10/26-31

                                      Lisa! Quite the TR. I'm sure like myself, everyone appreciates the detail and explanation that goes in each picture.

                                      Thank you!


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                                        Re: Lisa's Mega Colossal, SupercaliforniafragilistikexpialaTrip Report! 10/26-31

                                        Im glad you enjoyed the Aladdin Seats! Oh how I could have wished to have escorted you all into the theatre myself. I will print out your beautiful words to share with the Hyperion cast and crew, so they know how appreciated the production is.
                                        You can't talk S*** unless your gonna do something about it...


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                                          Re: Lisa's Mega Colossal, SupercaliforniafragilistikexpialaTrip Report! 10/26-31

                                          Beautiful and great pics the parade looks great from that close


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