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  • Shows and a great day

    First and any of you that regular frequent these parts, know where one could get new shoes for their kid? My poor 6 year olds feet are killing him after day one, and it is 100% shoe related.

    that being asked, what a great day. Hit Disneyland at 7 AM, and using Max Pass...which I for one am now a HUGE believer in, we had all the major parts of Disneyland done by noon! Slid over to CA, and was done there by 7. back into DL for Fantasmic, and back to the hotel room by 12. The ability to get a Fast Pass without having to go to the ride is absolutely priceless.

    WOW THOUGH......there are some SERIOUSLY technologically challenged people out there! The designer of the app needs to figure out a better way for the fast pass to be accessed quicker once you need it, and I bet one thing that could be used, is to create sensors in the kiosks that as you get closer, the fast pass pops up on you rip hone like it does for places like Starbucks, etc.

    Thanks for the help with the shoes!!!!!

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    If you go north on the I-5 and exit on either Euclid or Lincoln, the Anaheim Plaza shopping center is on the east side of the freeway. In that center there is a WalMart, a TJ Maxx, and Ross.

    Additionally, if you headed west on Katella from Disneyland, there is a shopping center on the corner of Katella and Euclid that has a Payless Shoe Source.

    I hope those help, and I am glad to hear you are having fun!