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  • My most recent visit

    Just got home and thought I would share our trip and all the fun and not so fun.

    We got into Disneyland Resort area on Wednesday Night at about 9:30PM. We had just gotten home from our annual HOuseboat Trip with the family, and surprised the boys on the lake witht he fact that Dad had planned a Boys Weeknd to Disneyland as soon as we got back while Mom had to go back to work.

    We spent the first night at Anaheim Majestic Gardens. As we pulled into the parking lit, we were greeted with a HEro's Fireworks Welcome! Seeing the Fireworks show form here, really makes you realize how close to the freeway the fireworks go off and why so many shows get cancelled. (Thursday NIght show got cancelled about 1 minute into it)

    Hotel was not bad at all, however, we did not have a great experience here. We got a room on the end, luck of the draw, they did not program the key right, had to go back, TV did not work, which ultimately made me stay up way too late as i needed the TV to wind me down after the 6 hour drive. Room was not super clean, and when we left, I believe we took something along with us. I am going to give them one benefit of the doubt however, that I booked this same day on Travelocity, so I blame that booking, for probably getting the worst room in the resort. No worries though, as this was our only night, as we were transferring to Disneyland Hotel the next day anyways.

    Got to DLH and checked in our bags at 630 AM, then hit the parks by 7 AM Magic Hour at Disneyland. Got the Max Pass set up, and were able to do Matterhorn, Submarine Ride, Space Mountain, Star Tours, Astro Blasters, Jungle Cruise, Indiana Jones, Pirates of the Caribbean, ThunderMountian, Haunted Mansion, Splash Mountain, Winnie the Pooh all by 11:30 AM! This on a day that most rides averaged 20 Minutes wait times with the big attractions running at 45-70 to me, that is pretty busy, so I was SHOCKED I was able to accomplish so much so fast, and I am not a speed Parker......the Max Pass is what made it all possible by being able to get the fast pass without having to go to the ride first. Just simply a great addition to their program and worth every single penny.

    Left DL and headed over to DCA and by using the MP, was able to hit Grizzly River Run, Soaring, California Screaming--My 6 year olds first time riding and loved it--Guardians and RR-which we did not use MP and waited Standby--75 Miniutes, and was done with everything and back into DL by 630 with an hour in there for lunch and a cold beer.

    DL for repeat rides and Fantasmic. BAck to hotel via Monorail by Midnight.

    Next Day was just all repeats, and the highlight of the day, was getting a call from the Hotel to inform us we had Bed Bugs! Remember that thing we took with us from Majestic....this was our friend we believe. They took all our clothes and laundered them all for us while we were in the park, and when we got back tot he room, I just had to go and grab my electronics, etc, as they would only take the clothing and bag--which they also dry cleaned for us. My clothes have never been treated better. LOL. They did lose one of my foavorite shirts though, but I am not 100% sure I remembered to grab it from the previous hotel.

    Couple of things to note for me:

    I love the Guardians Re-Theme. The music makes the ride more fun, and is so much more relevant to my kids, which is what is important to me. It made it more than just a ride to them. They do need to work on their cast member speeches/stories. They were pretty weak IMHO.

    First times I have been on Matterhorn in 5 years, and wow, did it seem like the changes they may have made with the Snowman were awesome, or I just never noticed them before. Really felt the story of the monster chasing us this time for some reason.

    Jungle Cruise looked much better.

    RR is still a great ride even if you have to wait 75 minutes.

    Liked Space Mountain no longer being Star Wars!

    Soarin over the World was Awesopme. Really enjoyed it. One thing I noticed this is the only ride that people applaud at the conclusion like they just saw a show. Really stirs your senses is what I take from that personally. And the smells were much more powerful than before to the point, where I now ask...did they even have the smells before?

    Great trip. MP is a great improvement, but definitely has some bugs. People really struggle with moving through the scanner smoothly, think that once they buy MP, they just have a fast pass for everything, and way too many people getting to the scanner thinking they were getting a fast pass, not trying to use one. Still...the ability to get Fast Passes as you go...I will ALWAYS buy it, and the ability they do when a ride breaks down during your window, to change it to a Fast PAss for ANy Ride at ANytim e for the rest of the day, was perfect and enabled us to plan our closing time rides to perfection so our last ride could be SM when WE wanted to go!

    Anyays...Thanks for the read.....I only come around these parts when it is time for a trip, and always pick up a couple valuable things before I get there, so Thank You all for loving the park the way you do. I hope this is a post that will be helpful to anyone getting ready to go, to hear about ones visit who is not a harsh critic or frequent visitor, but more of someone that just really likes to go.

    Ona sad note.......I left with the strong feeling, I would not be returning. My wife does not like DL, and my kids wanted to spend more time in CDA than DL, and that was for Guiardians and Screaming, so it appears they have reached a desire for a more intense park. I wil return for Star Wars Land one day, but not for many many years, as it wil be just way to crazy for me with the crowds the first few years.

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    I don't know if you used this in planning when to come to the resort, but did you check the Annual Passholder blockout dates? That is critical in having either a good vacation or having a NIGHTMARE vacation. You picked a good time to visit. There's only about one week left, then all hell breaks loose.
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      Originally posted by Natalie Price View Post
      I don't know if you used this in planning when to come to the resort, but did you check the Annual Passholder blockout dates? That is critical in having either a good vacation or having a NIGHTMARE vacation. You picked a good time to visit. There's only about one week left, then all hell breaks loose.
      I did not know about this, but heard a Cast Member talking to someone about them 16th being the day they are allowed back and not looking forward to it and the craziness that will ensue.


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        When you wrote that you had a feeling that something had come with you from the original hotel, I thought you were talking about ghosts.

        The feeling that you won't be returning to the park again for a while is something I feel coming soon, myself. I don't live close to the resort, but for the last nine years, about, I've been permitted to spend close to a month at the resort almost every year. For a family that lives a thousand miles away, I know I've been very blessed in this. But, like you, I, too, have a wife who hates the resort. Our son enjoys it, but he's also gotten so used to the place that he could navigate it blindfolded, and doesn't think of it as so special, anymore. Since my wife rules the roost, at least when the cat isn't around, she has deemed that she would be happy to never return there, again.

        The statement kind of stings.

        I'm happy that you were able to board so many attractions so quickly. I have a trip coming up in a few weeks with the son, and I've been debating the Max Pass option, for a while.