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Been 2 years, what's different?

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  • Been 2 years, what's different?

    Hi all,

    It's been a couple of years since I went to Disneyland with the family.
    Just wondering what's new? Heard rumors of different FP's and know of the closures for the Star Wars Land but that's about it.
    Can anyone share with me so we have a more enjoyable trip? Hitting both parks.

    Thanks all,


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    Character updates would be much appreciated too as we love seeing everyone


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      You don't really have to bother with both parks, DCA just isn't worth the money anymore


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        First of all GotG Mission Breakout, Sorting Around the World have opened. Plus Frozen replaced Aladdin at the Hyperion. Few Stores at Adventureland have closed and have been replaced with indoor seating and Tropical Imports (the fruit stand next to the Jungle Cruise) is now Stroller Parking. Main Street Electric Parade has returned although it's retiring on August 21st I believe. New Christmas store has opened where the Hereldry Shop was. And Village Haus is now the Red Rose Tavern while I haven't personally dined there I hear the food is much better now so you might want to try it.

        I know Moana is sometimes at Adventureland. Captain America and Spider Man now meet at the Red brick building near the Hyperion and Black Widow is also near the Backlot Stage.
        Originally posted by micromind
        Grizzlyhead has never been to DL. In fact, he has never even left the house he was born in. He believes the outside world is nothing more than a grand fairy tale.


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          The Disneyland Railroad has been refurbished, rerouted, and parts restored.

          If you didn't get a chance to experience the wonder and joy and poppin-fresh fantasmal offerings of Disneyland's Sixtieth Anniversary, then you haven't been given the chance, yet, to see the fabled Hatbox Ghost in the Haunted Mansion. If you end up at the park prior to the twenty-ninth of the month, you'll get that chance, if you dare.

          I believe that the new Yeti in the mighty Matterhorn will be new to you, too.

          Also, Tomorrowland will have new offerings in old things such as Path of the Jedi within the Magic Eye Theater (I think it's still there). You might also find yourself wandering aimlessly and wind up inside the old Carousel of Progress building. Here, you will find something Star Wars related. If you've got a ton of money to spend, you'll be able to probably unload all of it on some great costumes that... you'll never be able to wear at Disneyland for Halloween if you're over the age of ten to fourteen.

          Tomorrowland has also recently had Honda move out of the Carousel of Progress, and take over sponsorship of Autopia. Here, you can find our old buddy, ASIMO out camping with his bird-brained friend, Bird. Bird likes to get itself in all sorts of situations that a normal bird would know enough to avoid. The cars look great, again, and the color scheme of the new painting looks good, too.

          In Fantasyland, visit the Village Hause/Red Rose Tavern in order to get a chance to enjoy some of the Gray Stuff. It's delicious, really. I mean, you can ask the dishes what they think about it. Since it's Fantasyland, you might find that the dishes even respond, rather than the people around you suddenly moving away and calling security about somebody talking to their dishes. When this junk was first introduced to Fantasyland, the line for it was long, and the Red Rose Tavern would run out of the stuff by mid day. I'm not sure what the status is on that, anymore. But if they do run out of it prior to your arrival, you may be able to find it offered as a dip at Maurice's Cart in the Princess Fantasy Fair nearby.

          It's been a while since I've seen Merida at all. I don't know if she still visits Tomorrowland.

          Frontierland has had a whole lot of nothing happen to it outside of removals. Well, I shouldn't claim that. The Rivers of America have been shortened. That doesn't mean they are any less enjoyable, though. Indeed, the animatronics along the riverbank have been rearranged, and replaced in some instances. You'll be able to see the splendor of the river, again, and its smaller Island habitat. You'll be able to witness the old Indian Chief talking to... himself, signaling that it's time for him to step down.

          The Big Thunder Barbeque is gone. In its place is stuff.

          You can still get Barbeque at the restaurant on the Rivers of America. I don't think that it's all you care to eat, anymore, which stinks.

          Fantasmic has been overhauled.

          The Golden Horseshoe no longer features that one group that everyone liked. There are still shows in there, though.

          New Orleans Square has seen some changes to Club 33. If you can't get in, don't worry about it. The Court of Angels is no longer for public use, though.

          Pirates of the Crabapple recently went through a refurbishment. Even before that, though, the scream of the girl telling the dude to not be a chicken was changed. It doesn't sound... natural, I guess. I don't like the new scream.

          Critter Country now offers a more frightening, "Lights Out" version of Splash Mountain. Yes, after the popularity of the LIghts Out version of Tower of Terror, Disney felt that they had to supply that thrill elsewhere, since Tower of Terror was taken away.



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            It's more crowded during the off season than it was two years ago. It gets worse every year, so think of the overcrowding from 2015...times two.


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              Oh no is the Hatbox this really going away again? My DS was really looking forward to him but we aren't going until September.


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                Originally posted by GingerGirl View Post
                Oh no is the Hatbox this really going away again? My DS was really looking forward to him but we aren't going until September.
                Unless the animatronic is removed for refurbishment, it will most likely be in place. I have experienced the attraction since the ghost's return in both regular and holiday format. and he's been in place during both versions. The only thing you'd have to be concerned about is when in September you are going, since the holiday overlay takes a while to install. Depending on when you visit, the ghost might be there, but the attraction closed for overlay installation.


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                  Also haven't been there in two years, but I've been following it closely. Here's what I know is different from my last visit.

                  Character meet and greets seem to be more formal. Two years ago, characters would kinda randomly be around. Now the meet and greets are attractions in and of themselves. And the Frozen meet and Greet moved to Animation instead of Fantasyland

                  Animation also had a nice refurb. Turtle Talk got updated for Finding Dory.

                  Mission: Breakout happened.

                  Mad T Party is down, and Summer of Heroes stuff replaced it.

                  Muppet Vision has been closed permanently, with previews showing for movies most of the time.

                  Condor Flats is now Grizzly Peak Airfield, with Soarin' Over California replaced with Soarin' Around the World.

                  Frozen replaced Aladdin at the Hyperion

                  The Flying Tires have been replaced with the Rollickin' Roadsters.

                  I think Golden Vine Winery had some changes. I think there was a new terrace. I'm not familiar with the area.

                  I don't think Fantasy Faire had opened on Main Street quite yet when I went, but I could be wrong.

                  Star Tours has more possibilities.

                  Innoventions has Star Wars Launch Bay.

                  The Guardians of the Galaxy preview in Tomorrowland killed Captain EO. Now, they do Star Wars: Path of the Jedi

                  Tomorrowland Terrace became Galactic Grill, though it may be back to Tomorrowland Terrace.

                  Autopia had a big refurb.

                  Finding Nemo isn't under refurb anymore.

                  Matterhorn had a big refurb.

                  Frozen is in Storybook Land

                  Peter Pan had a big refurb.

                  Toontown is maintained poorly. It was deteriorating two years ago, and it doesn't seem to have improved.

                  Rivers of America has been updated.

                  Haunted Mansion had a big refurb w/ Hatbox Ghost. Haunted Mansion Holiday added Sally, but you lost the practical effect in the stretching room with Jack's face.

                  RIP Maliboomer - I waited my whole life to that point, and got to ride you once. I will forever miss you.