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John Lasseter strange leave of absence

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    Originally posted by Mr Wiggins View Post

    Exactly. And people shouldn't be surprised if there's also no coming back for those in top Disney management who protected and enabled John all the years that his behavior was a known issue. Anyone who thinks the problem is only about one guy hasn't been paying attention to the cases of sexual abuse that have been exposed in other companies and institutions. Disney's Board of Directors is likely to take a dim view of a management hierarchy that colludes to violate its own policies and threaten the reputation of its uniquely family-friendly brand. Disney's top management, including and especially Bob Iger, are going to have a lot of questions to answer. And that's not even considering the information that could be leaked to the press -- emails, meeting notes, eyewitnesses, video -- or come out during any civil litigation. Stay tuned -- this may be only the beginning of a major Mousequake in Disney's corporate culture.
    While the focus is on Lasseter & Disney explanations, don't expect THAT to be the ONLY harassment issue to come up. Now that victims are emboldened, there is more than likely other Disney executives (and lower levels) being accused if any past sexual (and other) harassment has occurred.


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      I think there going be a major cleaning .......with the Disney company
      Disney Directors very upset ,with CEO IGER
      with all the bad press the company been getting and with harassment's has occurred on IGER watch!
      Change is in the making.
      Soaring like an EAGLE !


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        About 5 weeks have passed, and Lasseter has not been fired, publicly resigned or retired. I'm surprised.


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          It’s interesting to see who has been forced out - Harvey Weinstein, Louis CK, Roy Wood, Al Franken, Charlie Rose and Matt Lauer — and those who have allegedly done things or have had things said about them — Dustin Hoffman, John Lassiter even George Takei, and not much has happened.
          Jim in Merced CA - former cast member at Walt Disney World, Walt Disney Imagineering and Disneyland.