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    Mmm, hadn’t noticed that silly troll-talk / “reviews”.

    Mind you I am still reading it, but what I did notice, is that ‘Inventing Disneyland’ backs up all the various sources of info from my vast library of books, magazines and articles from a lifetime of research, with exact dates, names and places that round out previously vague just when and why Walt gave up his beloved Carolwood Pacific Railroad. And why all these art directors from 20thFox were available to work for Walt.

    It takes several recent books just to glean the importance of, and reasons for, the Zorro TV series; the secret commercials created on the Disney lot; the hidden history of his various nieces and the significance of their marriages; how it all relates to Hollywood glamour photography of the 1920s, ETC.

    My own interviews all contain an element I call ‘myth-making’, a human tendency to tell the stories the way you want them remembered. To claim otherwise is the misnomer. I enjoy the ongoing research.

    "Disneyland is a work of love. We didn't go into Disneyland just with the idea of making money."
    - - Walt Disney


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      I just picked up the Nichols book. It's really good. As a total purist and a fan of everything Walt and those who worked by his side, it provides some great photos. Some pictures I have never seen before. The best thing is very little is mentioned about Star Wars Land. It's pushed to the very end with only a couple of pages. Even Indiana Jones and Star Tours get very little air play. It's predominantly vintage. Which is great.


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        Originally posted by DeadKenobi View Post
        Mouse Tales by David Keoing is my favorite book of all time!
        Looks like David has an awesome-looking coffee-table book coming out about the folks that created Disneyland in 1955!


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          I have a lot of DL and WDW books in my collection, but missed out on the Nickel Tour book. Crazy that it goes for $200+ now on places like eBay. I need to pick a copy up at some point!