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Peoplemover / Rocket Rod tracks to be torn down soon?


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    Originally posted by Starcade View Post
    I think sadly PM pretty much has every reason a ride is removed attached to it:

    - Prior lawsuits from rider deaths ( Friend of our who works for Safety in the Park mentioned those deaths didn't immediately effect the removal but created barriers that made a return difficult once it was removed )

    Sorry ... this is sounding nonsensical.

    There were two deaths - 1 in 1967. The other during a grad night in 1980. Had nothing to due with safety ... and how could the family's sue? Both were from kids who thought they'd horse around .. by climbing out. So that's a normal thing you'd do in any DL ride?? The judge would have thrown it out. It's called being irresponsible and negligence. The PM was closed throughout a good part of 1968 to keep us monkeys from trying to pull the same prank again. It worked. But 13 years later .. someone got craftier ... and Disneyland (in turn) had to get craftier and improve the railings for all 62 trains.

    those deaths didn't immediately effect the removal but created barriers that made a return difficult once it was removed
    The second set of cages (added in 1985) worked just fine. No reported deaths or anyone successful at climbing out of the attraction for the next 10 years, it existed.

    Safety DURING THE RIDE was never a question ....... It's when there's an emergency stop that happens ... and people need to evacuate.

    I actually remember at least 1 instance ... I saw an emergency stop of the PM. People escorted with the aid of CMs to the emergency exit points in the carousel theater, or circle vision.

    But now we live in a different era where emergency exit protocol that worked fine then ... is not enough today.

    That's your tax dollars at work - With over doing it!

    I think the reworking of minor bridges going over a stream from Sleeping Beauty Castle to under Adventureland's entrance ... To the added ugly railing upstairs to Golden Horseshoe Revue ... and the rot iron railings over an already sufficient barrier going into the castle from falling into the castle moat was such overkill. Makes me wonder what's next? Wrapping you up in bubble wrap upon entry into DL?!!
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    Dear Peoplemover Fans, If you want to see a new attraction that at least mimics the 1967 Peoplemover in a future Tomorrowland remodel, you need to write to the powers-that-be, and let them know. If you don't - Then the next time Tomorrowland is remodeled, you will see a land barren of any "Peoplemover" type attraction.


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      Originally posted by Tomorrowland_1967 View Post

      I believe she was referring to those and I think also a girl fell off the track (72'?) while trying to exit the rides while none fatal the 30 foot drop did cause major injuries and a lawsuit. This as she said didn't immediately effect the ride but new rules put in place from those added to the other issues that she felt made the return of the PM a none starter. This all came up because I had told her how much I wished it would return and she literally chuckled and said everyone says that but it won't happen and then went into the bit about the safety of the track and people climbing it and being killed and lawsuits from deaths etc. She mentioned some in Dis. Corp even nicknamed the PM the "People Killer".


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        Originally posted by ajburk97 View Post
        There were many reasons to move it- but I don't think this was one of them. Remember- at the time they thought Rocket Rods was gonna last a lot longer than a year or two, so at the time they weren't planning on having any kinetic energy get lost. I'm guessing that when it became clear that they were gonna move the Rocket Jets, the entrance was the best spot to do it from a spacial standpoint.
        I disagree on there wouldn't have been any kinetic energy lost. Even considering that the Rocket Rods were meant to be permanent, there's a huge difference between brightly colored vehicles consistently coming by and an ugly, black vehicle coming less consistently. I also disagree that the entrance was the best spot spacially. They could have put it anywhere else if they wanted to. In particular, the two Autopia tracks were being redone, they could have spared space to put it there. Heck, they could have just left out a spinner ride completely; that probably would have pleased management! They chose the entrance because it would be more attractive than the Rocket Rods.


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          Originally posted by Phantomwise View Post
          Btw, does anyone know when one of the planters around the PM support beams was taken out? I'm not usually in that land and was pleasantly surprised to find it gone the last time I was there. Traffic has improved a little around that beam. I wish they would take out the other one too.

          Click image for larger version  Name:	20180513_145223 (1024x768).jpg Views:	1 Size:	68.6 KB ID:	8557822

          I think it was a couple of years ago that they took out the concrete pavers and replaced it with cast concrete. I hadn't noticed that the planter was taken out until you mentioned it. I had go and see it for myself. if I remember correctly the planter would have filled most of this shot.
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