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Hello Folks,

Delayed, due to unforeseen circumstances our presentation of "MiceChat Forum Makeover" has been delayed till next weekend.

MiceChat Forums will be going through a design change and much needed update. This update will give a more modern look as well as bring in mobile viewing options. So you may see the forums looking strange as we implement the new look.

Thank you all, and happy MiceChatting!
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Wall E and Eve Ears?

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  • Wall E and Eve Ears?

    Anyone know where I can purchase the Wall E and Eve Ears shown in the Micechat Merch article? They both look so cute and my fiance and I are hoping to get them for our wedding. Thanks!

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    I don't believe they're available online as of yet- there are some sellers on Instagram that make weekly park trips and pick up items for people that don't have access to the parks.
    usshoppingsos is a very reliable one I have purchased from.