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Disney Official Pride Mickey Ears?


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  • [Question] Disney Official Pride Mickey Ears?

    I knew these were coming to the parks but was very hopeful they would come to the online store but sadly they did not (at least not yet). Im trying to find where can i get these ears online since i cant make it to ether resort in the next few months, any ideas on how to get ahold of a pair of these ears without paying an arm and leg on ebay. id prefer to go through Disney.

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    This is from the Gay Days Anaheim website:
    The hat is retailing for $17.99. Disney fans who can’t make it to the parks can call 407-939-5277 to order one over the phone and when prompted, ask for “shopping.” The item number for the “Mickey Mouse Rainbow Love” hat is 400020710710. However, the hat has already made its way to Ebay, where it’s being sold for $29.99 plus shipping.


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      I wasn't able to find it on Disney's official website. It's not surprising, frankly. My problem with Disney's merchandise division is their lack of coordination between the parks and online retail. The fact that you still have to put in a phone order in the day and age of Amazon is absolutely absurd.

      If Disney wants items to be in-park exclusives, they should be advertised as such. I don't think that's a smart strategy besides for AP popcorn buckets or special event items, but the fact that so many products are showing up on Ebay is simple proof of all the money Disney is leaving on the table. Nearly every item available in the parks should be purchasable online, but maybe that would just be making it too easy for Disney to make money...


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