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  • 11-16 Attendance

    I was at DLR this morning arriving about 10:30 am. They had just opened the 3rd floor of the parking garage which in my past experience was about the same. I figured the park wouldn't be too crowded.

    Much to my dismay, it did seem more crowded than normal as I went through main street and fantasyland. There were a number of radio stations (it appeared to be mostly spanish language station) broadcasting from around the flag pole although there weren't any particular crowds there.

    IASW had a normal sized line to get in. I was expecting a 20-60 minute wait, but was on in about 5.

    I am going back tonight for the fireworks and hopefully get on a few of the big rides while the Christmas fantasy parade is going on.

    I will report back (as I think other chatters will) on how crowded the whole place is.

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