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Weather in Southern California in mid-March


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  • Weather in Southern California in mid-March

    So I have been down back in the first week of September 2012. The weather was beautiful. It was very much beach weather and plenty of people were still on the beaches swimming. We went to Laguna Beach and Santa Monica Pier for our beach days. The water was fine. Surprisingly cool when you first get in there but that's the Pacific for you. Either way, within a minute it wasn't cold anymore. So perfectly normal temperature for the water as far as I am concerned.

    My question is mid-March. I was looking at the weather this past March. I am seeing a lot of 72-73 degrees around that time which is actually perfect. But is it beach weather? Can you swim at that time of year? Or better question, do people swim that time of year on the beaches and how cold is the water? I know the weather would be perfect for Disneyland so I am not worried about that.

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    March is a bit early for beach weather for me, personally. Temp averages in the low 60s for March so not sure where you're seeing low 70s. One thing to remember is that in So Cal the weather can change dramatically between the beach and just a few miles inland. And the water will be cold, around 57 degrees. Of course, that depends on where you're from. For someone from a northern clime I'm sure it'll be acceptable.

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      My brother went scuba diving off of Laguna Beach in March and his thermometer recorded the water temperature at 53 degrees the day he went. You usually don’t see people in the ocean during late fall to late spring and those that do go in to the water generally are wearing a wetsuit.


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