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Grad Nite and Galaxy's Edge

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  • [Question] Grad Nite and Galaxy's Edge

    I was at the parks recently and noticed all the grad nite kids. My daughter will be a senior next year and stated how many of her friends are looking forward to grad nite next year so they can get to see Galaxy's Edge. I got to thinking that that would be another big crowd burden for Disney to deal with along with Galaxy's Edge and they will probably change the grad nite rules.
    Right now the kids have access to both parks all day until 10:00 pm when they go to DCA for the official grad nite celebration.

    How do you think Disney will have to change this when Galaxy's Edge opens, or will they? Could they still have Grad Nite stay the same with the expected crowds that Galaxy's Edge is expected to draw?

    Or will Galaxy's Edge open later in June so that this is a non-issue?

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    Pretty sure that, as of now, Galaxy's Edge is scheduled to open in June, so it shouldn't be an issue.

    I also wouldn't be shocked to see them just move Grad Nights entirely over to DCA for a few years when Galaxy's Edge opens just to let things die down a bit.


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      I have this weird feeling Grad Nite may go back to being only a night-time event, at least for a while. And honestly, that's how it should be. The night hours are plenty. No need to have young adults running free all day and all night.