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    After 60 plus years and over 100 visits to Disneyland, I finally used the First Aid Station. At RSR, I was walking down the stairs from the photo viewing area. At the last step, I kind of misjudged my final step and fell down on hands and knees. Of course, I was hurt and slightly embarrassed. When I saw that I had a bloody scrap on my left knee, I felt that a visit to First Aid would be in order. I was a bit wondering what would the visit be like. The nurses greeted me and I showed my injury. The nurse who fixed my wound was quite a professional. We talked and she quickly mended my scrape. She had a great sense of humor: she said I could tell my wife that I was being chased by Captain Hook and I fell down. My daughter was in a laughing fit as I was feeling a bit sheepish. I thanked the nurse and she sent me off for more misadventures. In all, she really took serious care for what looked like a minor injury and knew I was feeling embarrassed.
    I am old. But still love Disneyland.

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    Glad your Ok, My wife had to be wheel chaired in the nurses office in DCA after she had succumbed to a nasty rota virus causing her to collapse. One hour she is saying she is noxious and the next she can't stand. They where awesome and the back stage facilities were excellent its like an ER back there.


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      Only had to use First Aid once when my mom fell. Everyone was very nice and caring.


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        I went First Aid once to get a Band aid ............
        I agree the Cast Member , there are very nice......and helpful
        Soaring like an EAGLE !