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My Disneyland Attraction Timeline (Detailed)


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  • My Disneyland Attraction Timeline (Detailed)

    Well, it took me a while to put this all together but I think it's pretty accurate, if there are any errors or wrong dates or missing details please feel free to add on, it would be very much appreciated.


    1958: Alice in Wonderland (Renovated in 1984)
    1955: Canal Boats of the World (Changed into Storybook Land in 1956 and added two new scenes in 1992)
    1955: Casey Jr. Circus Train
    1991-1991: Disney Afternoon Avenue (Event with two new rides, one show, and Baloo’s Dressing Room)
    1955: Dumbo the Flying Elephant (Relocated and renovated in 1983)
    1956: Fantasyland Railroad Station (Closed in 1960’s and returned in 1985 as Videopolis station and renovated into Mickey’s Toontown Station in 1993)
    1957-1958: Fantasyland Viewliner Station
    1966: It’s a Small World (Repainted in 1992 and seasonally Christmas decorated in 1997 and restored in 2004, Boats and entrance/exit changed in 2009)
    1956-1999: Junior Autopia (Extended and renamed Fantasyland Autopia in 1959 and temporarily themed as Rescue Rangers Raceway in 1992)
    1956-1956: Kelley’s Jungle Killers
    1955: King Arthur Carousel (Relocated and renovated in 1983)
    1996: King Triton Gardens
    1955: Mad Tea Party (Relocated and renovated in 1983)
    1959: Matterhorn Bobsleds (Renovated in 1978 to include new caverns and the Abominable Snowman)
    1955-1956: Mickey Mouse Club Circus
    1955-1982: Mickey Mouse Club Theater (Adds 3-D Jamboree1956-1958 and renamed Fantasyland Theater in 1956)
    1957-1966: Midget Autopia
    1957-1993: Motor Boat Cruise (Changed temporarily to Motor Boat Cruise to Gummi Bear Glen in 1991)
    1955: Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride (Renovated in 1983)
    1955: Peter Pan (Renovated and renamed Peter Pan’s Flight in 1983)
    1983: Pinocchio’s Daring Journey
    1956-1994: Skyway to Tomorrowland (Buckets changed in 1965)
    1960-1982: Skull Rock and Pirates Cove
    1955: Sleeping Beauty Castle (Walk-Thru added in 1957 and renovated in 2005 for the 50th anniversary)
    1955: Snow White and her Adventures (Renovated and Renamed Snow White’s Scary Adventures in 1983)
    1961: Snow White Grotto
    1983: Sword in the Stone Ceremony
    1985: Videopolis (Changed to One Man’s Dream in 1989, Plane Crazy in 1991, Beauty and the Beast in 1992, Dick Tracy and the Diamond Double-Cross in 1995, Renamed Fantasyland Theater in 1996 with Spirit of Pocahontas, Anamazement in 1997, Mickey’s Detective School in 2002, Snow White: An Enchanting Musical in 2004 and Princess Fantasy Faire in 2006)

    New Orleans Square

    1955: New Orleans Square Railroad Station
    1967-?: Pirates Arcade Museum
    1967: Pirates of the Caribbean (Renovated in 1997, Soldiers added in 2000 and new scenes added in 2006)
    1987-2007: The Disney Gallery (The Art of Disneyland, 1997 Tomorrowland 1955-1998, A Brush with Disney: The Art of Herbert Ryman in 2000, 100 Mickeys in 2002, Haunted Mansion Holiday in 2002, A Pirates Life for Me in 2003, Frights, Camera, Action: The Haunted Mansion Goes Hollywood in 2003, Disneyland, A Magical Canvas: 50 Artists Celebrate 50 Years in 2005, , Setting Sail For New Adventures in 2006, Inspired by Disneyland in 2007, Disneyland Dream Suite in 2008)
    1969: Haunted Mansion (Haunted Mansion Holiday added 2000, Live Actors added in mid-80’s, Original Pet Cemetery added in early 1980’s, New Pet Cemetery added in 1993, Hearse added in 1995 and added piano ghost host in 1992 and updated scenes in 2006)

    Bear Country/Critter Country

    1972-2001: Country Bear Jamboree (Country Bear Christmas Special in 1984 and renamed Country Bear Playhouse with Country Bear Vacation Hoedown)
    1956: Davy Crockett’s Explorer Canoes
    1989: Splash Mountain
    1972-2002: Teddi Berra’s Swingin’ Arcade
    2003: The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh


    1979: Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
    1986: Big Thunder Ranch (Features Hunchback of Notre Dame: Festival of Fools in 1996 and renovated into Little Patch of Heaven 2004 and decorated as Santa’s Reindeer Roundup yearly as of 2005)
    1955-1959: Conestoga Wagons
    1955-1955: Davy Crockett Museum
    1955: Frontierland Railroad Station (Renovated into New Orleans Square Station in 1966)
    1957: Frontierland Shooting Gallery (Renamed Shooting Arcade in 1985 and Shootin’ Exposition in 1996)
    1955: Golden Horseshoe Revue (Renamed Golden Horseshoe Jamboree in 1986-1994, Billy and the Hillbillies added in 1994 and Wood’s Roundup added in 1999)
    1955-1956: Indian Village
    1956: Indian War Canoes (Changed to Davy Crockett’s Explorer Canoes in 1971)
    1955: Mark Twain Riverboat
    1955-1994: Mike Fink Keelboats
    1956-1962: Mineral Hall Exhibit
    1955-1957: Miniature Horse Corral
    1955-1959: Mule Pack (Renamed Rainbow Mountain Pack Mules 1956 & Pack Mules thru Nature’s Wonderland 1960)
    1956-1957: Rainbow Caverns Mine Train (Remodeled to Mine Train Through Nature’s Wonderland 1960)
    1958: Sailing Ship Columbia (Adds Below Decks Museum in 1964)
    1955-1959: Stage Coach (Renamed Rainbow Mountain Stage Coach in 1956)
    1956: Tom Sawyer Island and Rafts (New features added 1957-1960, Fantasmic! Added 1992, renovated in 2003 and completely renovated as Pirate’s Lair at Tom Sawyer Island in 2007)


    1997: Aladdin’s Oasis (Became solely a Storytelling show in 1997)
    1962-1982: Big Game Safari Shooting Gallery
    1955: Jungle Cruse (New scenes in 1962, 1964, 1976, and 2005, shortened in 1993 and new queue in 1994)
    1956-1971: Indian Village and Rafts
    1995: Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Forbidden Eye (Updates in 2005)
    1962: Swiss Family Treehouse (Renovated completely into Tarzan’s Treehouse in 1999)
    1963: Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room (Restored and queue renovated in 2004)

    Mickey’s Toontown

    1993: Chip n’ Dale Treehouse (Slide and Ball Crawl removed in 90’s)
    1993: Donald’s Boat (Slide and other elements removed in late 90’s)
    1993: Gadget’s Go Coaster
    1993: Goofy Bounce House (Renovated into Goofy’s Playhouse in 2006)
    1993-2006: Jolly Trolley
    1993: Mickey’s House and Meet Mickey
    1993: Minnie’s House
    1994: Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin
    1993: Toontown Railroad Station

    Main Street U.S.A

    1961-1963: Babes in Toyland Exhibit
    2000-2002: Disney’s California Adventure Preview Center
    2005: Disneyland: The First 50 Years
    1973-1989: Disneyland Showcase: A Preview of Coming Attractions
    1955: Fire Station
    1965-2005: Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln (Changed to “The Walt Disney Story” 1973 and renovated as The Walt Disney Story Featuring “Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln” in 1975, show changes 1985 & 2001)
    1970-1973: Legacy of Walt Disney
    1955: Main Street Cinema (Mickey Mouse Cartoons added in 1980’s)
    1955: Main Street Vehicles (Horseless Carriage & Omnibus added 1956, Fire Truck added 1958, Horse -Drawn Firewagon 1955-1960, Horse-Drawn Surrey 1955-1971)
    1963-1964: Mickey Mouse Club Headquarters
    1993: "Partners Statue" Added to Town Square
    1955: Penny Arcade (Main Street Shooting Gallery closed in 1962 and renovated into a store in 1990’s)
    ?: Plaza Gardens Stage
    1955: Santa Fe & Disneyland Railroad (Direction changed to the left and ride track lengthened in 1960’s, adds fourth and fifth train set in 1964 and renamed Disneyland Railroad in 1974, Ward Kimball added 2005, Lilly Belle returned in 2006)

    1955-1966: 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
    1967-1985: Adventure through Inner Space
    1967: Alpine Gardens (Renovated into Triton Gardens in 1996)
    1955-1960: Aluminum Hall of Fame
    1959: Alweg Monorail Mark I/Disneyland Monorail (Mark II 1961, III 1969, V 1985, VII 2008, Track expansions in 1961 and 2001)
    1974-1988: America Sings
    1956-1966: Astro-Jets (Renamed Tomorrowland Jets in 1964)
    1998: Astro Orbiter
    1955: Autopia (Renamed Tomorrowland Autopia in 1959 and completely renovated in 2000)
    2005: Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters
    1955-1966: Circarama U.S.A. (A Tour of the West 1955-1960 and America the Beautiful added in 1960)
    1967-1997: Circle-Vision 360 (America the Beautiful 1960-1984 and American Journeys/Wonders of China added in 1984 and Working for Peanuts 3-D Pre-Show added in 1989, America the Beautiful returned in 1996)
    1955-1966: Clock of the World
    1967: Coca-Cola Terrace Stage (Renovated in 1998 and in 2001 into Club Buzz Stage with “Calling all Space Scouts” and renovated in 2006 into Tomorrowland Terrace with “Jedi Training Academy”)
    1998: Cosmic Waves (Stopped being water interactive in 2002)
    1956-1960: Crane Company Bathroom of Tomorrow
    196-1960: Dutch Boy Color Gallery
    1961-1966: Flying Saucers
    1967-1973: General Electric Carousel of Progress
    1955-1966: Hobbyland
    1998: Innoventions (Pioneer Virtual Resort, AT & T Hyperlink Hopscotch, St. Joseph’s Medical Exhibit in 2000, Disney Synergy Exhibit & Disney Interactive in 2002, Segway Track in 2004, Honda Asimo Theater &VMK Central in 2005, Siemens Project Tomorrow in 2007)
    1984: Magic Eye Theater: Magic Journeys 1984-1986, Captain EO 1986-1997 and renamed Imagination Institute with “Honey, I Shrunk the Audience” and new pre-show in 2005)
    1959: Matterhorn Bobsleds (Changed it’s land identification to Fantasyland in 1971, added Ice Caves and Abominable Snowman in 1978)
    1955-1966: Monsanto Hall of Chemistry
    1957-1967: Monsanto House of the Future
    1965-1966: Monsanto’s Fashions and Fabrics throughout the Ages
    1955-1966: Moonliner
    1998: Obervatron
    1967-1995: PeopleMover (Expanded in 1977 with Superspeed Tunnel and Tron Tunnel added in 1982)
    1955-1992: Rocket to the Moon (Change to Flight to the Moon 1967, remodeled as Mission to Mars 1975)
    1967-1997: Rocket Jets
    1998-2000: Rocket Rods
    1956-1994: Skyway to Fantasyland (Buckets changed in 1965)
    1977: Space Mountain (Adds soundtrack in 1996 and renovated in 2005, Rockin’ Space Mountain in 2007)
    1955-1960: Space-Station X-1 (Renamed Satellite View of America in 1958)
    1977: Starcade
    1987: Star Tours (Adds extra queue in 1997)
    1959-1998, 2007: Submarine Voyage (Subs renamed and repainted in 1985 and closed in 1998, reopened and completely renovated into Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage in 2007)
    1998-2004: The American Space Experience
    1960-1966: The Art of Animation
    1955-1960: The World Beneath Us
    1955-1966:Thimble Drome Flight Circle
    1955-1956: Tomorrowland Boats (Renamed Phantom Boats in 1956)
    1967-1984: Tomorrowland Stage (Renovated into Space Stage in 1977)
    1958: Tomorrowland Railroad Station (Grand Canyon Diorama added 1958, Primeval World in 1966)
    1957-1958: Tomorrowland Viewliner Station
    1996-1996: Toy Story Funhouse

    What Do You Guys Think?
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    Re: My Disneyland Attraction Timeline (Detailed)

    Nice work, but usually, timelines are presented in chronological, not alphabetical, order. Perhaps yours would benefit from doing the same? It certainly confused me at first.


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      Re: My Disneyland Attraction Timeline (Detailed)

      Originally posted by Datameister View Post
      Nice work, but usually, timelines are presented in chronological, not alphabetical, order. Perhaps yours would benefit from doing the same? It certainly confused me at first.

      I felt the same way.. But great work!

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        Re: My Disneyland Attraction Timeline (Detailed)

        Originally posted by Datameister View Post
        Nice work, but usually, timelines are presented in chronological, not alphabetical, order. Perhaps yours would benefit from doing the same? It certainly confused me at first.
        Well I updated it with opening/closing dates, it's in ABC order still but youll get the idea.
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          Re: My Disneyland Attraction Timeline (Detailed)

          I know the work that goes into something like this. We did a timeline for our book about Disneyland, but never got to the print stage. It would be easier to read if it were in order by year, within area. The area breakdown is great, just have it year order within each land or area. Great work and it looks very neat and as far as I can see, pretty darn complete.
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            Re: My Disneyland Attraction Timeline (Detailed)

            Good idea, but as everyone said, being in chronological order would be awesome.

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              Re: My Disneyland Attraction Timeline (Detailed)

              Umm.... you forgot Tomorrowland... and should probably add the parking-lot to DCA since that was the most notable change for the worse!

              Also you may wish to put the Indian Village under CC, while it was Frontierland, CC now occupies it's location...
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