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Overcrowding complaints at Disneyland is nothing new.


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    Originally posted by Whipland View Post

    I think the lower staffing has more to do with the cost of labor today either due to minimum wage laws or just shaming a company into paying unskilled labor more then they ought to. As you said, Disney is for profit and there is nothing wrong with that. But paying a "living wage" and providing healthcare is a huge cost. I think a big problem is that other than a cadre of key employees, MOST Disney park workers USED TO BE students, part time people, and others who were HAPPY to have those jobs for short periods and were not having an expectation to have a career out it. Let's face it, minimum wage is a bit too high and that affects all these business factors.
    True, but a lot of this began before the whole recent minimum wage kerfuffle.


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      I love Disneyland and DCA, and I put up with the crowds because to me they are still worth it. Most of the time I can avoid visiting when the Parks are at capacity (to the point where they shut the admissions gates), but clearly there are fewer (pretty much zero) off-season periods these days and it's not likely to improve. About the only way they can manage overcrowding without acting against the shareholders' interests is to continue raising ticket prices until the pain point starts to hit more regular patrons -- which would be unfortunate for the 99% of us who don't have Club 33-type disposable income. I think the company would be willing to have smaller crowds in the Parks if the per-capita spending were higher, but that brings with it the potential civic black eye of making the admission price unaffordable to any but the richest of visitors. Can't believe how much higher the ticket prices are now compared with only ten years ago (both one-day and APs), it's a real sticker shock to plan a vacation now. I paid less for my first automobile in 1983 than I do on three-day park-hopper tickets for my family!
      Now don't close your eyes, and don't try to hide...

      Next trip to Disneyland: December 3-6, 2011. I can't wait!!!


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        Overcrowding has gotten worst
        and may be not to does make the park un-comfortable to enjoy.......

        unstaffed in food and merch locations,
        running fewer ride vehicles and trams, scheduling fewer custodial.
        Does Not Help.
        "overcrowding" company is making and saving more money
        Soaring like an EAGLE !