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World of Disney store, where did "fine jewelry" go?


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  • [Question] World of Disney store, where did "fine jewelry" go?

    the store is very nice, great to have wider aisles for shopping, great displays... and, of course, lots of great new items....

    but, as I left I realized, we did not see the "fine" jewelry section and items that used to be in that section, did I miss it or has it moved to another store?

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    ....maybe it was moved with the fine swords and knives that Prince Phillip needed at one time....but you know....the times are changing and the need for fine jewelry has disappeared as has the need for fine knives.


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      World of Disney no longer has a "fine jewelry" or "collectibles" section anymore. The Dress Shop is the closest place in DTD to sell fine jewelry and Wonderground has a limited amount of collectibles merch/art prints not sold in the parks. The hotel shops have a small amount of jewelry (usually CRISLU/ALEX & ANI and some watches).

      Pretty much everything you saw that used to be in World of Disney is mostly available inside the parks at places like Fortuosity in Disneyland or Elias Co./Off the Page in DCA.


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        I've never been to Disneyland. This is my childhood dream. I had heard a lot about this jewelry store and thought that when I went to Disneyland, I would definitely buy some jewelry there. Of course, it's a pity that they stopped selling jewelry there. I hope that by the time I decide to go there, Disneyland won't be closed at all. This is the time to expect everything. In General, I love jewelry and collecting rare ones. My house is filled with jewelry, my husband says I can even open a store because there is jewelry everywhere.

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