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Possible Uses for the Aeroscraft Heavier-than-Air Airship


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  • Possible Uses for the Aeroscraft Heavier-than-Air Airship

    California-based Aeros is currently building a prototype of its new concept in air travel, the Aeroscraft ML866 ( The low-flying aircraft, scheduled to be completed in 2010, will eventually be able to carry as many as 250 passengers or 400 tons of cargo as far as 6,000 miles, at a speed of 174 miles-per-hour, and in a one-acre cabin.

    Two football fields in length, the ship will be able to take-off and land vertically on land or on water and without the need for an airstrip. Additionally, the vehicle's electric engines are designed to be powered by fuel cells, and it will require half the energy of a comparable passenger jet to operate.

    Since the spacious aircraft will fly quietly at relatively low altitudes, it has the potential to offer a passenger experience more akin to a cruise ship than a traditional plane, especially through possible amenities such as observation decks, casinos, and staterooms. The enormous clear-span cargo hold will also be able to carry a large variety of goods and equipment.

    Could this aircraft be particularly beneficial to Disney?

    Is there a market for an airship version of Disney Cruise Line?

    Are passengers willing to spend more time in the air on their way to a Disney travel destination?

    Could Parks & Resorts take more control of the marketing environment with airships that can help shield the company from the impacts of the rising price of oil?

    Are the airships a viable supplement to cars and commuter trains and a way to transport employees and local guests, among other passengers, over short distances?

    Might Disney's general promotion of the technology benefit the company in other, more indirect ways?

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    Re: Possible Uses for the Aeroscraft Heavier-than-Air Airship

    :ot: Heh. Aeros was our tenant up until a month ago. AWESOME tenant, nice people, really great. Unfortunately they needed a larger space that we couldn't give them. That's all I got, continue....


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      Re: Possible Uses for the Aeroscraft Heavier-than-Air Airship

      By the way, the projected cost for each airship is a fairly reasonable $40 million.


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        Re: Possible Uses for the Aeroscraft Heavier-than-Air Airship

        The following video shows an illustration of the vehicle and the ways people might travel aboard it:<a hr...HRzqlKGZyE</a>

        I especially like the observation deck and the transparent floors.

        The company is promoting the vehicle as being even safer than existing forms of air travel. Aeroscraft flies so low that its cabin doesn't require pressurization, so the transport can be lined with spectacularly-expansive windows.
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          Re: Possible Uses for the Aeroscraft Heavier-than-Air Airship

          One of the implications of this technology is that it potentially gives Disney the opportunity to have these air transports land on-site. So, the need for transfers to and from airports, cruise ship terminals, and train stations could be eliminated. And, guests would, likewise, be kept on the property as much as possible.


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