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My July 17th TR! (w/ numerous typos)


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  • My July 17th TR! (w/ numerous typos)

    Disclaimer!!!!!! This is my first ever TR and as you will soon realize--I'm the worst typist EVER! Anyway, I hope it sounds good. :lol:

    Alrighty then. My friend and I got there at 1:45am. We thought we were gonna be like the 500th ppl in line or something along those lines. Boy were we wrong!

    At 1:45am we were about 3000th in line on the harbor side! We couldn't believe it!

    So we waited outside security for about 2 hours before they started letting ppl in in large groups. (All this time I was trying to finish my new harry potter book btw)

    We finally get close to the checkpoint, and they asked for ppl that needed to buy tickets. So, I left my friend (who has a premium) continue in the line, while i bypassed the line and went to the ticket booths to hopefully buy a blackout day ticket for 30 bucks. (Backstory time: I had called guest relations the day before, and they had said that blackout days day tix would NOT be availible that day) So I was ready to have to pay full price, however, I got a blackout day ticket no problem! :clap: woot woot

    So then we went into dca, and were given our ears and commereative map. Then we looked on in horror at the line.
    IT started at the entrace to HPB, wrapped around HPB, then went around the cetral sun thingy, then past bug's land, then past golden dreams, then across the paradise pier bridge, around the route 66, then around grizzly peak and back to the entrance. All in all, there were about 12,000 ppl lined up.
    When we got there however, we were in the third group of a 1000, and we got blue wristbands. Our spot in the line was right at the start of the screamin launch. That's where i finished the hp book (30 hours from stat to finsih btw)

    At about 7:15 we started moving again. We exited dca on the right most floodgate, and walked across the esplanade w/ thousands upon thousands of ppl that arrived after six looking at us all in envy. We then entered disneyland in the right most floodgate(facing the entrance this time). All the main street cast members were there waving at us and saying happy birthday or thanks for coming or welcome home. It made us all feel like celebrities. WE decided to get a loocker to old all our stuff. So we quickly got one, and then we had to make a choice.

    We could head left for the LE pin line, go straight for a spot for the 10am ceremony, or head right for space mtn. Well, we'd already ridden space 9 times, and we re4ally wanted this pin, so we headed left.

    Reality check: It's now 7:30 am

    So go through frontierland, and we see the line at the mark twain dock. (fyi, the line started at big thunder ranch) So we're like not tooooo bad, right? WRONG! The next thing we saw was heartstopping. The line didnt stop at the mark twain dock at all. It stretched ALL the way around the rivers of america. Our spot was right at the entrace the hungry bear!(on another interesting note, all the rides were walk-on at this poiint, becuz ever1 was either gettign in line for the in or gettign a spot for the ceremony)

    So I couldn't wait in that line. By this time, we'd become friends w/ our neighbors in line (same ones as from dca and even before that) so i told everyone id go find out how fast the line was moving and stuff. So I went around and saw that the oine was moving very slowly. So i called my friend, and told her that i really wanted to see the ceremony, but she really wanted to wait for the pin (LE of 5050, and one per person fyi). So we agreed that i would go watch the ceremony at the castle and she would stay in line.

    Reality check: 8:15am

    So I asked the nearest cm how to get to the hub quickest, and he siad go thru fantasyland and next to the matterhorn to the tommorowland entrance. So fantasyland is totally deserted, and I'm totally power-walking cuz i want a good spot,a nd who do I run into?

    None other than Matt Ouimet himself! SOOOO AWESOME!!!!

    I was totally starstruck, but I still said Hi and shook his hand. (I completely forgot i had a camera on me)

    So I ended up getting a good spot for the ceremony, and it was good.

    Reality check: 10:45am

    Meanwhile, back at the ranch (literally), my friend is still in line for that pin.

    So I got fps for both buzz and space in addition to the fps we had gotten for splash when i was there for the pin line.

    So now I had nothing to do for awhile.

    Did tiki room, did splash single rider, then it was finally time for the micechat meet.

    (btw, she's STILL in line, and our BB ressies are at 12:30pm)

    The micechat meet was AWESOME, and i met tons of ppl. However, I couldnt stay fot the great carrousel ride of doom because i had to show up at blue bayou for our reservations. (She's still in line)

    I check in, and while im waiting, my friend makes her grand entrace into the lobby. :lol: Shed gotten the pin and other various 50th dated merchandise, after waiting i line for 5 whole hours.

    And now I'm really tired of typing, so maybe ill type the second installment tomorrow.
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    Re: My July 17th TR! (w/ numerous typos)

    bumpety bump bump


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      Re: My July 17th TR! (w/ numerous typos)

      bumpety bump bump?
      where the hell did that come from kevin????? hahah


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        Re: My July 17th TR! (w/ numerous typos)

        probably because no one had responded yet...and he wanted to bump it back up to the top so people wouldn't overlook it...
        Many Bothans died to bring MiceChat this information.

        :ap: I'm a Disney fan in Dollywood land! :ap:


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          Re: My July 17th TR! (w/ numerous typos)

          We're all waiting for the rest of the story

          Unusually and exceedingly peculiar and altogether quite impossible to describe...


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